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For the winter season a new attraction called FUN ZONE has been prepared to visitors of the resort Jasná Nízke Tatry. It can be found on the ski slope Vrbická No. 10.     

The new FUN ZONE is a closed trail next to a ski slope and it is a challenge for all lovers of adventurous entertainment longing for something more than just quality skiing on a piste. The gradient of the whole FUN ZONE trail is very similar to the blue (easy) one.

The trail offers much fun for children including favourite barriers as a tunnel and a bridge. Even more advanced ski and snowboard riders, to whom the FUN ZONE means some way of preparation for the more difficult Snow park, come into their own.

The FUN ZONE will diversify your skiing, take care of entertainment for both kids and adults, and move your skiing to another level. Enjoy the extraordinary experiences on a funny trail with snow barriers. The ride in the FUN ZONE is not just about metres and seconds but about your riding style. Be unique and show your riding style in the FUN ZONE.