ROCKY MOUNTAIN BIKE WORLD is a modern bike park situated in the heart of the Low Tatra Mountains. Thanks to its variety it offers trails of different difficulties. It makes use of the natural terrain and along with wooden obstacles and terrain adjustment it provides high quality mountain conditions and space for:

  • training and developing the skills of professional and less experienced riders
  • organizing downhill bike races
  • adrenaline riding and overcoming challenges
  • less experienced, recreational cyclists and for families with children
  • comfortable riding through the beautiful countryside, enjoying the views, and picnic
  • The easiest trails are possible to ride down by a scooter.

In the summer months of July and August BIKES (or scooters) are transported to the starting line by the 6-seat cable car Záhradky-Priehyba B2 and by the FUNITEL from Priehyba to the Mt Chopok. The bike is hooked onto the chair side and transported in the cabin. You do not need to hold the bike during the way and the lift operator is not necessary to assist you with hooking the bike onto the cable car.

All trails can be reached by the cable car Záhradky - Priehyba and by the Funitel Piehyba – Chopok. From the Mt Chopok you can choose the route that best suits your needs and according to the degree of difficulty.

1. Rocky Face DH - start: Rovná Hoľa, difficulty: difficult black downhill trail

2. Fun Track – start: Rovná Hoľa, difficulty: family easy blue trail

3. Dear Track - start: Priehyba, difficulty: medium difficulty freeride red trail

4. Summit Flatline - start: Chopok, difficulty: medium difficulty red trail

5. Bottom Flatline - start: Priehyba, difficulty: easy blue trail

6. South Track – southern trail - start: Kosodrevina, easy blue trail



When riding through the Rocky Mountain Ride World, you are moving through 4th and 5th degree of protected area of The Low Tatras National Park (NAPANT). In the whole resort it is strictly prohibited to leave the marked trails and ride over the ridges of the Low Tatra Mountains!!