Dragon Demian´s Treasure

Dragon Demian´s Treasure will be in operation during the summer season 2015.

Rumours have been swirling about Demänovská dolina (Demänovská valley) that a big treasure is hidden there. Nevertheless, nobody dared get it because there is a dragon guarding it. What´s the truth?

There lives a chummy DRAGON DEMIÁN in Demänovská valley, who is a guardian of the forest protecting the treasure. Get ready to follow Demian´s footsteps. Don´t be afraid of anything. On your adventurous journey, you´ll get to know the secrets of the mountains and have much fun with your new friend – a legend of Demänovská valley. 

It´s a family game enjoyed by all members of the family, which will have a playful day in the countryside. 

If you wish to be a dragon explorer, just follow the map. The map shows the route simply indicating the places where ten tasks have been hidden. After the particular tasks the best dragon explorers will be given an indication to reveal the Demián´s password to the DRAGON´S PARK CHOPOK.

You can pick up the map at the cash desk Záhradky, at the Infocentre Biela Púť or at the cash desk of the cableway Chopok Juh (South).  

If you resolve at least THREE MYSTERIES in the map, you´ll get a reward!

You can pick up the reward at the INFOCENTRE Biela Púť or at the cash desk of the cableway CHOPOK JUH (SOUTH).

Modern cableways are in operation daily as well as Bike World for less experienced, recreational cyclists, and for families with children. Enjoy the wonderful countryside and endless views. Bars and restaurants provide tourists with nice places to sit and take a rest. 

Except for resolving mysteries, children´s attractions are waiting for you:

  • Wooden hurdle course DRAGON DEXTERNITY Biela Púť
  • Dragon TOWER Priehyba
  • DRAGON CLIMB Srdiečko Chopok South
  • Merry letters DRAGON PARK CHOPOK at Priehyba
  • Dragon CLIMBING WALL Biela Púť
  • Boating on a lakelet at Biela Púť
  • Bungee trampoline at Priehyba
  • ECO- square window ladder BIRD at Vrbické Pleso (tarn)
  • Wooden engraved sculptures of animals from the Low Tatras
  • Sandpit at Priehyba
  • Dragons´ EGG Happy End Biela Púť
  • Dragon´s EGGS Priehyba
  • Swings at Srdiečko and Kosodrevina
  • Dragon´s jumping kindergarten at Biela Púť and Srdiečko
  • Trampoline at KOSODREVINA Restaurant
  • and many other attractions 

Sculpture of the Dragon Demián

Looking for indications, the dragon explorers will certainly come across an oversized sculpture of the Dragon Demián.