Jasná Nízke Tatry offers numerous trails for hiking and trekking different difficulty, from difficult, which requires a certain degree of preparation to those that are suitable for families with children or beginners.  Choose according to your physical condition and in case you don’t feel in the mountains like at home use the services of the mountain guides, thanks to whom your activities in the mountains become safe adventure. We are offering you one day easier hiking tracks or multi days intermediate and difficult mountain tracks. 

If you are inspired by our offer and accept the invitation to the world of silence you can discover a wonderful gift which the nature gave to Demänovska valley and Low Tatras. 
Popular hiking tracks to the highest located and the most famous peaks Ďumbier (2043 m) and Chopok (2024 m), that are unique thanks to their views of the Western and High Tatras peaks.

A cableway trip up the Low Tatras ridge is also a unique experience.

Take this opportunity and use cableways though the school holidays have come to an end.  Hence all age groups can enjoy the beautiful views. Colourful nature and a colourful offer of services are waiting only for you!


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Popular hiking tracks 

1. Up the highest peak of Low Tatras – Mt Ďumbier and back

Length of the trail: 8,8km

Duration: 4:00 

Easy hiking over a mountain ridge leading up the highest peak of Low Tatras. From the top of the Mt Ďumbier you have a wide circular view almost over the mountain ranges of Central and Northern Slovakia.

START AND FINISH POINT: Exit station of Funitel at Chopok Mt., 2004 m a.s.l.

TRACK: go along the red hiking trail, passalongside the Kamenná chata (Kamenná Cottage), continue through the Demänovské sedlo (saddleback) and the Krúpová hola (Krúpova Mountain) up to Ďumbier 2043 m als. The same trail will lead you back to the Mt Chopok.

The Maphttps://goo.gl/Jz9hqt

2. From Chopok through Poľany saddleback towards Tri Vody and Biela Púť

Length of the trail: 9,1km

Duration: 2. 3:20 / 2a. 4:00

ridge and a descent to Jasná with beautiful views over the Skalka massif, in Low Tatras.

Start: exit station of Funitel at Mt Chopok, 2004 m

Finish: Biela Púť 1117 m.

Track: Take the red hiking trail, go through Dereše to the saddleback Poľana. In the saddleback turn right and the yellow hiking signs will lead you to Tri Vody, then continue towards the Mikulášska cottage, and alongside the Vrbické Pleso (mountain lake) go to the Hotel Grand Jasná and finally to Biela Púť. Alternative 2a: At Tri Vody take the red hiking trail towards Brhliská and under Orlia skala (Eagle Stone) turn to the blue hiking trail in the direction of Otupné, and continue on the way to Biela Púť.

The Map: https://goo.gl/FAVW7c


3. From Chopok to Demänovské sedlo and through Široká dolina to Lúčky

Length of the trail: 9,5km

Duration: 3. 3:00 / 3a. 3:45

Easy hiking over the Široká Valley with a view of northern channels of Chopok and Ďumbier.

START: exit station of Funitel at Chopok 2004 m. FINISH: Lúčky, bus stop.

TRACK: Take the red hiking trail alongside the Kamenná chata and over the mountain ridge leading to the Dem. sedlo. Here turn left and along the yellow hiking trail and after 20 min. of walking turn left to the green hiking trail. This trail runs through the Široká dolina, alongside the stream Demänovka, and the finish point is at Lúčky.

ALTERNATIVE 3A: Through Tanečnica and the saddleback Javorie: from the Dem. sedlo we continue along the yellow trail running through the side mountain ridge, Tanečnica and _ nishing in the Javorie. Here take the red hiking trail, from which you can get to the green hiking trail leading you down to Lúčky (+1 km, 45 min).

The Map: https://goo.gl/LRAqg9

4. Education path Demänovská dolina

Length of the trail: 13km

Duration: 4:30

Hiking of middle difficulty with an education path Demänovská dolina (Demänovská Valley) and 12 information boards. It is one of the nicest paths in Low Tatras.

START: Wellness Hotel Grand Jasná, parking place. FINISH: Lúčky, bus stop.

TRACK: Behind the Wellness Hotel Grand Jasná there is placed the first education board next to the path leading to the Vrbické Pleso (mountain lake) and Mikulášska Cottage, and continuing towards Otupné and Tri Vody. We turn left and take the red hiking trail leading to Brhliská and Pod Orlou skalou (Under Eagle Stone), and then the path inclines towards Luková. From that point the path declines towards Pekná vyhliadka (Nice view) and traverses towards the cross-road in the Široká dolina (valley). We continue left along the green hiking trail.

The Map: https://goo.gl/2IrP7K


Length of the trail 5: 1,8km
Duration of the trail 5: 0:50 min.

Length of the trail 5a: 5,2 km
Length of the trail 5a: 120 min.

TRACK: Easy walking along the yellow hiking trail from Biela Púť and alongside the hotel Ostredok and an observatory tower will offer you an amazing view of the ridge and the Demänovská Valley. This way will lead you to the Symbolic Cemetery for Victims of Low Tatras. Use the same way to get back. Alternative: 5a) From the Symbolic Cemetery you can continue your way along the yellow trail (+2.6 km,+1hr.), which will lead you to the Demänovská Cave of Liberty. Take the same trail to get back to the Symbolic Cemetery.

 The Map: https://goo.gl/OV1Ghn

6. Walking around Vrbické Pleso (mountain lake)

Length of the trail: 1km

Duration: 0:20

Vrbické pleso is a glacier mountain lake and the largest natural lake in Low Tatra Mountains. It is situated at an altitude of 1 113 m asl, in the upper western part of the Demänovská Valley. It occupies 0.69 ha of an area, having 8 m depth, 115 m length, and 62 m width. It´s a boulder lake, that came into existence after the decline of glaciers on the southern hillsides of Chopok and Dereše.

TRACK: A path is leading from the parking place behind the Hotel Grand towards the Vrbické pleso. On the right side of the lake an education path was created with information boards, which will lead you to Tri Vody. At the lake you can take a rest in the pleasant silence of the wood and admire the surrounding mountain ridges of Low Tatra Mountains.

The Maphttps://goo.gl/dPujNQ

7. Along Magistrála from Kosodrevina to Ďumbier, up the Mt Chopok and back

Length of the trail: 10km

Duration: 7. 5:30 / 7a. 6:10 / 7b. 6:20

Hiking of medium difficulty with a view of two highest peaks in Low Tatras.

Start and finish: Kosodrevina Restaurant 1494 m asl. Track: Along the blue hiking trail above Kosodrevina go right hands towards the cross-road. To reach the Krúpove sedlo turn left and follow the red hiking signs. Here turn left and the red hiking signs will lead you up the Mt Chopok. From Chopok go back to Kosodrevina along the yellow hiking trail.

7a) From the cross-road towards the Krúpové sedlo there is possible to turn towards the cottage of M.R.Štefánika (+ 40 min).

7b) From a near place at the Krúpová hoľa you can climb the Mt Ďumbier (+ 50 min).
The Map: https://goo.gl/78FGcV

8. Kosodrevina upthe Chopok Mountain and back

Length of the trail: 3km

Duration: 3:30

A climb up the second highest peak of Low Tatras – the Chopok Mountain. A mountain cottage Kamenná chata with restaurant is situated directly beneath the peak.

START AND FINISH POINT: Kosodrevina Restaurant 1494 asl.

TRAIL: From the cable car take the path above the restaurant, turn left and continue along the yellow hiking trail. In about 10 minutes you will reach a cross-road. Here turn right and yellow hiking signs will lead you up the Chopok. The yellow hiking trail will get you back to Kosodrevina. 

The Maphttps://goo.gl/f3fnyx

9. From Kosodrevina to M.R.Štefánik´s Cottage and to Trangoška

Length of the trail: 9km

Duration: 2:40

Easy hiking along the southern hiking trail with a view of the highest peak of Low Tatras and a visit of the alpine cottage.

START POINT: Kosodrevina Restaurant 1494 m asl. 
FINISH POINT: Trangoška parking place.

TRAIL: On the path above the restaurant take the blue hiking trail leading to the cottage of M.R.Štefánik. On the way from the cottage follow the green signs which will lead you to the parking place Trangoška.

The Map: https://goo.gl/zUSsWz

10. Up the Mt Chopok through Príslop and Dereše and back

Length of the trail: 6,5km

Duration: 4:00

START AND FINISH POINT:Kosodrevina Restaurant 1494 m asl.

TRACK: On the path above the restaurant turn left and continue along the blue hiking trail to Príslop (saddleback). There take  the yellow hiking trail on right and climb up the mountain ridge. On the ridge turn right and the red hiking signs will lead you up the Mt Chopok. The yellow hiking trail will get you back to Kosodrevina.

The Map: https://goo.gl/1iw84I

11. From Kosodrevina up the Mt Chopok through Krížske sedlo and back

Length of the trail: 14,5km

Duration:  5:30

START AND FINISH POINT: Kosodrevina Restaurant 1494 m asl.

TRACK: On the path above the Restaurant Kosodrevina turn left and continue along the blue hiking trail to Krížske saddle back – Here turn right and the red hiking signs will lead you up the Mt Chopok. From Chopok go back to Kosodrevina along the yellow hiking trail. For more demanding hikers with a view of Skalka and Vajkovska Valley.

The Map: https://goo.gl/bP85b0

The shortest track to Ďumbier is classing access trail from the south side of Low Tatras. It is the trail to Štefánikova mountain cottage also and is used by mountain carriers to supply the cottage. Perhaps you will be able to see this kind of unique supply on your track. Another favorite track leads to Kamenna cottage directly under Chopok. 

12. NEW this summer - Along hunter´s path to the Dead Bats Cave

After getting off a cableway at Kosodrevina take a blue hiking trail and head toward the cottage of M.R.Štefánik. After 700 m turn right and take a yellow-signed forest path which runs through the forest along a contour line to be connected to a green hiking trail running through the valley Trangoška up to the cottage of M.R.Štefánik. Continue along the green sign and at a signpost turn right to reach the Dead Bats Cave. To get back, take the same trail leading to the cableway or descend the valley Trangoška. It´s also possible to continue to the cottage of M.R. Štefánik or to the peak of Mt Ďumbier, and along the ridge to Mt Chopok.

Length: 4.7 km

Difficulty: easy trail

Duration: 1 hour
The Map: https://goo.gl/PHxknT

In case you are not lover of long tracks, the resort Jasná offers you the opportunity to get to Chopok peak in few minutes, by new cable car Funitel also during the summer season!