Mountain carts will be out of operation on 3rd of September.

Mountain carts are amusing and easy to control. They are ideal for all age groups, from children aged 12 to pensioners. When riding, two brakes help control the speed, which guarantees simple and safe mastering of curves and other difficulties on the track. 

Jasná offers mountain cart rides with a vertical drop of 662 metres and panoramic views of the beautiful Liptov region. Simply fun for everybody!

The rides are divided in two groups – according to the level of difficulty. If you are interested in a fast adrenaline adventure and a more difficult terrain, try riding down from Mt. Chopok to Priehyba. And if you look for fun for all your family, try the track from Koliesko to Biela Púť. 


  • start – Koliesko, finish – Biela Púť
  • a safe and easy track, 816 metres long
  • suitable for children from 12 years and adults
  • Mountain carts guarantee an interesting adventure for all family members in a beautiful mountain environment. One just needs to take a cableway to Koliesko or come to the start on foot.


  • start – Mt. Chopok, finish – Priehyba
  • a mountain terrain track,  4,350 metres long
  • suitable for children from 12 years and adults, children under 15 years must be accompanied by an adult person
  • Adrenalin fans can surmount Mt. Chopok from the altitude of 2,004 metres. They just need to take a cable car to Mt. Chopok, the Rotunda building or come to the start on foot.
  • The mountain cart downhill on the track Mt. Chopok – Priehyba takes 45 minutes. Every extra half an hour costs 6€ and must be paid for in the finish area in Priehyba. 

Enjoy an unforgettable experience while riding on mountain carts from Koliesko to Biela Púť or from the top of Mt. Chopok to Priehyba. 

1 ride, Mt. Chopok – Priehyba *12€
1 Jride, Koliesko – Biela Púť6€

* All attractions of Tatry Motion are closed in bad weather.

* Before using our attractions, please call the phone number below to check the availability.

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Souvenirs at Demian´s on Mt. Chopok
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