HAPPY END is mecca of night life and winter club scene in the region of Liptov.

This authentic and charming place has its unchanging principles: brilliant DJ´s, perfect service, unique interior design, exceptional lighting, world famous FUNKTION ONE sound system. HAPPY END was given DTS WORLD AWARD 2011 in the category CLUBS! It is awarded by the prominent DTS lighting and effect light manufacturer in various categories world wide, including countries such as USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan...

HAPPY END offers music programme that focuses on electronic music and live bands, as well as revival bands. It is  marvellous place for visitors  of the valley Demänovská dolina in winter season  that offers fabulous and unique night life with a capacity of more than 1000 guests. In Happy End you will find maximum entertainment. 

During weekend nights and events we present showbiz stars from our country as well as from abroad. The real heart and spirit of HAPPY END MUSIC CLUB consists in brilliant music, service as well as  relaxed and open atmosphere which makes each night magic.

During the day HAPPY END is a wonderful restaurant directly on the foothills of Chopok mountain.

See you on the dance floor...

All events, the story of the club from its beginning, latest information as well as further juicy details can be found at www.happy-end.sk.