discover the beauties of the region Liptov on bike or e-bike

Outlet Demänová provides rental of e-bikes and bikes in summer 2019 to all visitors who would like to discover the beauties of the region Liptov from an electric bike. A lot of amazing places are offered by Liptov for visitors to discover during their bike ride which is practical and healthy. Come and try the summer news and set out for an e-bike trip.


ArtikelPrice/dayPrice/4 hours 
Ebike29 €17 €
Bike15 € 10 €
Helmetfree free 
Child seat7 € 7 € 

Opening hours: 09:00 – 18:00

Kontakt:  besseova@tmr.sk 

Tel.: 0911405989


An e-bike isn´t a motorbike

Generally, an electric bicycle refers to the connection of a bicycle, electric motor and battery in any structure and for various uses.

However, the issues of legislation have also penetrated in this area, and recently, such designation is primarily assigned to bikes with a propulsion system or also PEDELEC (the Pedal Electric Cycle) or EPAC (Electrically Powered Assisted Cycles).

Power assisted drive is a drive that can only be coupled when the bike pedals are in action. It combines the power you pedal with and the power of the engine resulting in the feeling of easier pedalling and acceleration. You can adjust the level of assistance through a controller mounted on a handlebar while driving.

Legislative framework

Under what conditions is the e-bike legally considered a bicycle?

Requirements of relevant European standards (in particular EN 15194 and EN 15191) also included in the national legislation of EU and associated states:

  • Nominal power of the auxiliary motor must be 250W max.
  • Disconnection of assistance after exceeding the speed of 25 km / h with a tolerance of 10%

Meeting these standards and requirements, the electric bike is legally considered a bicycle and therefore it´s used in the same way as the bicycle:

  • It can ride along bike trails, roads and forests
  • It can be transported on trains, buses or trams
  • You don´t need a driving licence
  • You don´t need a statutory insurance or a registration number (car number plates)
  • You should follow the regulations on using helmets, bike lighting, etc.

On the contrary, any e-bike not meeting these standards is considered a motorbike!


Just like with cars, the history of electric drive for bicycles extends back in time of onset of motor mobility in the 19th century. After the first attempts, however, there was a significant reduction, mainly due to the lack of efficient technology. It lasted until the time when commercialization of new knowledge, especially in engine torque regulation, price reduction and minimization of electronics, and new battery types brought the required quality change and thus allowed the take-off of the era of contemporary electric bicycles. Today's high-quality bicycles with smooth dosing of power, an overall size, efficient consumption, naturalness and performance significantly supported their growing popularity.

Electric bicycle becomes part of transport, entertainment or sport. It is anticipated that, in the near future, the electric bike could significantly influence the transport solution for its simplicity, exceptionally low consumption, eco-friendliness and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

“Hearing a hundred times is not as good as seeing once”. For that reason we highly recommend that you try such a bike personally. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. We´ll be glad to share this experience with you. 

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