WHEN: 11. 03. 2018

Take off your skiing clothes and go wild on a ski slope this year entertained by the Party Kýbl from the Czech Republic! This is a motto of unique BIKINI SKIING in the area of Lúčky, Jasná. Those most courageous can join skiing enthusiasts and summer lovers for exhibition bikini downhill skiing! Creative masks, imaginative accessories, and face or body painting are welcomed. Simply get your hair down, use your phantasy and attract the jury.

BIKINI SKIING by Party kýbl 2018 sa vydarili!


BIKINI SKIING daily programme

08:30- 12:00Registration for BIKINI SKIING
09:00Welcome to BIKINI SKIING! Presenter is Erika Barkolová
09:00-13:00 Fun on a slope with DJ TOKÁTKO, DJ EAST LUKE, BONGONAN ELIZZ, dancing crew VIVAS
12:30- 13:00Meeting of racers in BIKINIS
13:00- 13:20BIKINI SKIING exhibition ride
13:20Results and prize giving ceremony
13:40Fun on a slope with DJ SEDLIV

You simply cannot miss the BIKINI SKIING! Apart from main the attraction – the exhibition ride in bikinis – a great daily programme has been prepared for you in the area of Lúčky.

Tropical energy with dancing crew VIVAS.





Music show by Bongoman Elizz.

Bikini skiing led by a great presenter Erika Barkolová.



Stream of dance music by DJ EAST LUKE.

This is how we enjoyed bikini skiing last year.