Sunday full of fun, original competitions and sporting personalities?

Such Sunday you could enjoy during the „Funny Sunday“ event charged with a unique atmosphere, sports performances and good mood on 20/08/2017 in Jasná beneath Mt Chopok. And we could jointly become new Slovak record holders!

What you could await?

  • beef goulash
  • for those preferring walking to Priehyba to being transferred by cableways cold beer and Kofola were prepared
  • DJ Manolo
  • unique competitions supervised by our hockey players Marek Uram, Matúš Sukel, Jakub Sukel, Martin Kriška and Andrej Košarišťan as well as a triathlon athlete Ivan Giňovský and a kickboxer Peter Navrátil
  • for the smallest-ones - attractions at Priehyba for free 


  • At the close of the event we tried to do something special – to set a new Slovak record! We tied jointly create a „Live chain“ and tried to connect the localities of Priehyba and Záhradky.