Tip for skiing

Enjoy skiing in Jasná to the fullest! We have a few suggestions how to make your skiing adventures unforgettable.

A FAMILY ROUTE for less experienced skiers:

  • The day begins in the heart of Jasná – in Biela Púť, where we embark the Grand Jet A3 cable car.
  • At the upper station of Brhliská, we are welcomed by a delicious aroma of burgers in the Bernardino burger restaurant.
  • We set out for ski piste no. 10, then take the B5 4-seater chairlift to Luková, where we can enjoy beautiful views as well as top-class gastronomy in the Von Roll restaurant.
  • In Luková, we zip down ski piste no. 5a, then piste no. 5 and piste no. 14 to get to Lúčky.
  • In Lúčky, we embark the blue B8 chairlift, travel to Vyhliadka and have some delicacies and tea in the beautiful Habarka restaurant.
  • Then we ski down piste no. 5 to Záhradky. On the right side, there is a grey chairlift which operates to Rovná Hoľa. We take it.
  • We use a connection piste to get from Rovná Hoľa to ski piste no. 2a and then to piste no. 2 in the direction of Biela Púť.
  • And finally, we use piste no. 13 to return back to Biela Púť, where we began in the morning.

Enjoy skiing with us.

A tip for experienced skiers who like adrenalin adventures:

  • Coffee is the best way how to begin a day. Have a cup in the Crystal bar in Biela Púť and feast your eyes on ski pistes.
  • Take the B3 and B4 chairlifts to get from Biela Púť to Luková.
  • Ski down pistes 1a and 1 to get to Záhradky.
  • Take a 6-seater chairlift to get to Priehyba.
  • Travel to the top of Mt Chopok with the comfortable A1 cable car.
  • If you feel like having lunch, the Rotunda restaurant on Mt Chopok is the perfect choice.
  • After the lunch, try ski pistes on the southern side of the mountain – 34c, 33,35. They run to Krupová.
  • Once you arrive in Krupová, take a cable car to get back to the top of Mt Chopok.
  • Then enjoy a beautiful scenic ride along pistes 1c, 11a, 11 and 5a down to Záhradky.
  • After that, take a chairlift to get from Záhradky to Priehyba and enjoy a mountain version of the very modern and popular street food.
  • And finally, use pistes no. 2 and 13 to get back to Biela Púť.

Enjoy skiing in Jasná.

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The Shuttle bus runs on the Biela púť - Koliesko route.