Dňa 8.8. bude prebiehať podujatie Triathlon attack z Chopku smer Ďumbier po Krúpovu Hoľu. Prosíme turistov, aby dali súťažiacim prednosť a povzbudili ich k lepším športovým výkonom.


DateOpening hours
from 01.07. to 30.08. 2020
every day
8:30 - 16:30

Changes in the operation of cable cars are subject to weather conditions. The Záhradky cable cars are out of order. Follow our website and social networks!


DateOpening hours
from 01.07. to 30.08. 2020
every day
8:00 - 17:00

We are very happy to finally come with some positive news – the summer operation of cable cars in our resort begins on Friday 1.5.2020. Due to the COVID-19 situation, there will be strict hygiene measures and rules based on instructions of professionals and the cable cars will be operating on selected days only but we deeply hope we´ll get through this together. Please respect all measures in the resort and instructions of our staff. We suggest buying cable car tickets online on GOPASS.SK at least one day prior to your arrival at the resort. Escape the quarantine for a while, travel high to the clouds, relax and recharge your batteries in fresh air.

Before coming to our resort, please check the opening times of individual facilities and the following cable car safety rules:

Use face masks

Wash your hands, use gloves or hand sanitizers

Keep a safe distance (at least 2 metres)

Observe preventative hygiene measures


Northern side: B3 4-seater chairlift Biela púť (Biela púť-Jasná), A4 Twinliner funicular (Jasná-Priehyba), A1 Funitel cable car(Priehyba-Chopok)

Southern side: A5 cable car (Krupová-Kosodrevina), A2 Funitel cable car (Kosodrevina-Chopok)

OUR SUGGESTION: The Twinliner funicular (Jasná-Priehyba) is usually the one with the longest waiting times so if there should be queues in front of the boarding zone, consider taking a short walk along a marked zick-zack trail to Priehyba, which takes about 15 minutes on foot.


We suggest buying cableway tickets online on 

Instructions how to buy cableway ticketsHERE

When you decide to buy a ticket in the Jasná resort, you can do so at a ticket office in the area of Biela púť or in Krupová.

Regular safe distances are marked on the ground at all points of sale. Please respect them.

Gopass Ticket (kiosks with automated ticket machines) won´t be temporarily available for hygiene reasons. PLEASE NOTE: Only payment by cards will be accepted in the resorts (in all facilities)!


  • Please read the safety instructions at boarding lanes carefully and respect them.
  • Lift chairs and cable car interiors will be disinfected regularly (1x day after the operation).
  • Our cableway staff will be using safety equipment. Most of them will be protected by security glass but they are ready to help you with anything you might need.

Boarding instructions:

  • Please wait in groups of max. 4 people.
  • The maximum number of passengers on 4- and 6-seater chairlifts is 2 (Biela púť chairlift).
  • The maximum number of passengers in 15-person cable cars is 4 (cable cars on the southern side of Mt Chopok).
  • The maximum number of passengers in 24-person cable cars is 7 (Funitel cable car).
  • The maximum number of passengers in a 50-person funicular is 20 (Twinliner funicular).
  • Families or groups of passengers who come together can travel together and won´t be limited as for seating.


  • Food and drinks will be offered through windows – in the Happy End restaurant in Biela púť and in the Energy bar on Mt Chopok.
  • Only contactless payment by card will be accepted in the resort.
  • Don´t forget to take your Gopass card so that you can collect Gopass points when buying something.
  • Toilets will be at disposal in Biela púť, in the Rotunda building on Mt Chopok and in Krupová. All of them will be disinfected regularly. Please follow the rules written on toilet doors.


Opened Tatry Motion shops:

  1. OUTLET at the car park at Pavčina Lehota offering sports clothes and accessories at the best prices
  2. BIELA PÚŤ SHOP with the newest summer collections of the Ice Peak, KARITRAA, Björn Borg, LUNHTA brands and sports shoes of the SALOMON, SCARPA, ALPINA brands. Winter collection sale of various brands will be also available at great prices.
  • Our Tatry Motion shops meet all requirements specified by the Government of the Slovak Republic regarding the size of the shop area and the maximum number of customers in one room.
  • Don´t forget to take your Gopass card so that you can collect Gopass points when buying something.

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