7 most frequently asked questions regarding the Smart Season Passes

1. Until when must the rest of the price be paid?

The rest of the price must be paid until the end of October, i.e. until 31/10/2017. Based on our experience we know that 55% of Smart Season Pass holders leave the payment until the last day and risk they might forget to do it if they are busy. What would we suggest? Do it once we notify you by email or SMS.

2. Since when can Smart Season Passes be used?

Smart Season Passes can be used from the first day of the ski season. The ski season is usually launched in Štrbské Pleso in late November. To sum it up, Smart Season Passes are valid during the whole ski season – from the very beginning to the very end. 

3. Can the rest of the price be paid via internet banking?

No :( Internet banking is slow and the risk of errors during the transfer is too high. Embossed payment cards and enabled online transactions are already common in the 21st century.

4. Where can the Smart Season Passes be used?

The basic Smart Season Pass type called TMR is valid in the biggest Slovak resorts - Jasná, Nízke Tatry and Vysoké Tatry - Tatranská Lomnica, Štrbské Pleso. However, every Smart Season Pass holder can add more products to this basic type and ski without limits in one or two other countries – in the Czech Republic – the resort of Špindlerův Mlýn and in Poland – the resort of Szczyrk.

5. Where can I pay the rest for my Smart Season Pass?

To pay the rest for your Smart Season Pass, visit your discount centre on GOPASS. Where can you find it? Log in to your personal GOPASS account on www.gopass.sk. Then click on the “My discounts” icon on the left of the toolbar and find the payment for your Smart Season Pass among other discounts that GOPASS offers. Here you can choose what type of Smart Season Pass you want – a TMR Smart Season Pass or a season ski pass valid in other countries as well. Just click here and we will redirect you to your discount centre. 

6. I will not be able to ski during the next season because of my health issues. What shall I do with the prepayment?

We are always very sorry to hear something like that and understand that health is not like the Smart Season Pass and cannot be planned. If you have prepaid your pass and will not be able to ski this season due to health issues, write us an email to reklamacia@gopass.sk and let us find a solution together.

7. What if I have an accident during the season?

If anything happens to you during the season on the slope or outside of it and you won´t be able to use your Smart Season Pass, we can transfer it to another person that you find. In order to make it go smoothly, we will need a medical confirmation from your doctor, and the name plus the GOPASS card number of the person you make an arrangement about “buying” your pass with. Send us all this to reklamacia@gopass.sk.

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