You can enjoy world skiing full of unrepeatable experiences in winter 2016/2017 on Mt Chopok´s ski slopes, in the ski resort of Jasná Nízke Tatry. The largest ski arena with excellent conditions for winter sports in Slovakia offers perfect skiing, modern cable cars and a rich event programme. 



A new 15-seater cabin cable car on the southern side of Mt Chopok

Skiing on the southern side of Mt Chopok will get a new dimension in the winter season 2016/17. Thanks to a 15-seater cabin cable car, which is a continuation of the cable car from Kosodrevina up the Mt Chopok, skiers will certainly enjoy a comfortable transportation to ski slopes in the section Krupová  – Kosodrevina (1,084 m a.s.l. - 1,488 m a.s.l.). Skiers will no longer have to undergo the complicated changes from a chair lift to a gondola and they also can avoid two cableways at the boarding place. The transport capacity of the new 15-seater cable car is 2,800 passengers per hour. It takes 4.83 minutes to overcome a 404 meter elevation from Krupová to Kosodrevina at a speed of 6 m / s. A length of the cableway is 1,212 m.


Boarding station Krupová (1,084 m a.s.l.)               
Photo: 9.10.2016  
More information on the new cable car



Alighting station Kosodrevina (1,488 m a.s.l.)

Strengthening of snowmaking on both sides of Mt Chopok

Thanks to a modern snowmaking system, the resort guarantees skiing for a minimum of 5 months a year on all types of ski slopes; from blue – easy pistes up to black – difficult pistes. In the ski season 2016/2017, the snowmaking was spread into new spots involving 4.3 km of ski slopes. Over 33 kilometres of ski slopes are thus supplemented by artificial snow in the resort.  


  • Strengthening of snowmaking at Konský Grúň – Chopok, traverse No. 5a and Turistická – 0.9 km in total


  • Strengthening of snowmaking at Zadné Dereše Krupová and ski slope Tréningová – 3.4 km in total; 61 snowmaking poles

SNOWsat – TOP innovation for grooming ski slopes

Innovative professional SNOWsat will contribute to improve the grooming of ski slopes this winter. The management system with snow depth measurement and its progress throughout the resort is based on satellite-guided positioning of grooming machines. SNOWsat increases the effectiveness of groomers on the slope, reduces fuel consumption, and especially saves artificial snow at the resort by delivering it to the places where needed.

How does SNOWsat work: 150 ha of the terrain above the Mt Chopok were measured using a plane. There is 8 points sensed on each quadrate meter, which, by using the intelligent software, create a detailed digital map of the terrain. The SNOWsat device is mounted onto the cabins of 3 grooming machines and compares so called summer measurement of the terrain with the terrain in winter covered in snow. GPS satellite signals monitor actual position of groomers while maintaining the slopes. GPS helps to determine in real time the position of groomers on the slopes. The value that results after deducting the vehicle height is then compared with the depth value of a digital terrain model (so called reference depth) stored in the system. The snow depth at the current vehicle position is the difference between these two heights.

SNOWsat calculates these figures using GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO satellite signals. The driver´s cab is equipped with an on-board computer, which continually calculates the snow depth and other data about the vehicle. The data is automatically transmitted via WiFi to the SNOWsat server. SNOWsat increases efficiency of grooming machines on the slope and decreases fuel consumption. What´s the most important, SNOWsat saves artificial snow in a ski resort because the groomer is able to deliver it equally to different places. Artificial snow is produced as needed. The groomer pushes snow up the slope and distributes it evenly over the slope. Data of the vehicle and snow depth are easily and clearly displayed on the ski resort map, which is available to the groomer´s driver. In addition to displaying the depth of the snow, gradient of the terrain and the current position of snowmaking equipment, SNOWsat also warns drivers of danger zones and alerts them to the presence of other groomers and their winch ropes. Another advantage is the guidance system, which in case of bad weather (snowstorm, fog) safely guides the driver along the slope.

Jasná is going to have a new CENTRE

Jasná is going to have its own Centre. Development of the first phase of a real estate project „Jasná Centre“  was launched this year. It will be a square near the Happy End restaurant. By rebuilding of Happy End approach to the cash desks and shopping in a new branded sports store will be more convenient, and the capacity of the restaurant Happy End will be increased so that two floors will be available to visitors in winter.

Forthcoming security enhancements for clients

New snow barriers will be added on the slopes of Mt Chopok, to keep snow on the slopes in windy weather. New safety nets and landscaping of steeper sections will make the resort safer. For example, on the ski trail of Jelení Grúň it will contribute to the elimination of collisions.


In cooperation with OOCR LIPTOV the ski resort continues to increase the quality and scope of regional network of ski buses to extend the traditional use of this form of transportation to the resort. Due to the positive feedback from March 2016 when shuttle service was provided to Jasná during the Women´s World Cup, the ski resort is prepared again to provide the service in case of requirements resulting from traffic conditions. A new concept of static and dynamic traffic will actively coordinate automobile transport with connection to a dispatch centre.

Resort dispatch centre

A resort dispatch centre will promptly evaluate the situation throughout the resort and then communicate it to clients through resort broadcasting, information boards, LCD screens, social networks and the resort´s website

Ski Patrol

Professional Ski Patrol service ensures safety on slopes in the resort.

One of the Ski Patrol´s roles is to ensure the safety on ski slopes. In case of some problems on the slopes, it is possible to contact Ski Patrol daily by phone or directly on the slopes. They wear specially marked uniforms and keep the slopes on the both sides of Mt Chopok safe. They help to mark ski slopes and build obstacles, educate clients and give advice with reference to the White Code, and supervise the safety of alpine skiing on the trails. They are role models and helpers at the same time.

Where to find out the waiting times for cable cars?

Four displays informing on waiting times for cable cars have been installed for skiers at boarding places on the northern and southern side of Mt Chopok. Visitors can then easily move to a less busy part of the resort and enjoy excellent skiing.

Safe alpine skiing in the resort

To increase the security of alpine skiing in symbiosis with the running of the ski resort and to prevent degradation of maintained trails at night, safe corridors will be marked for alpine skiers on the slopes. Based on snow conditions they will be marked by delimiters on the outskirts of selected slopes. The ski resort also issued a document with a map, which features two difficulties of trails from the northern and southern sides, and instructions for safe alpine skiing in the resort. The document can be found on the resort´s website as well as at the boarding points of the marked trails.
Guidelines for safe alpine skiing.

  • Green (BASIC TRAIL)

Aprés-Ski Bar Srdiečko in a new place

A new cableway KRUPOVÁ – KOSODREVINA 1084 – 1488 m a.s.l. was built in the ski resort of Jasná this winter. Based on this change, Aprés-Ski Bar Srdiečko was relocated from the original site (Hotel Srdiečko) to the boarding station of the new cableway. As soon as you arrive in the resort you will be able to get warm drinks and fresh panini.  


ALMGWAND brand, which is inspired by folk and mountain themes and creates collections of ski clothes and everyday clothing, will be added in the shop at HOTEL GRAND. The original creators have built a strong name in the Austrian market, where the brand was founded. It´ll be included in the offered assortment already this season.

A tubing carousel at MAXILAND

MAXILAND ski school in the locality of Biela Púť has prepared a modern tool for our little skiers – a Sunkid Rotondo tubing carousel. Using this funny and playful tool, children can learn how to maintain balance and stability on skis, how to remain on a ski trail, keep its width, and how to get ready for a real lift. This year, the concept of the entire ski school is going through a revolution in the form of group lessons with new unified animations and stories. During five school days, ski lessons for children will be enriched with educational games and stories and the lesson time will be extended. The product is intended for the general public at very reasonable terms. The goal of the MAXILAND ski school in all TMR resorts is to contribute crucially to the education of new well skiing youth.   

This is just the beginning. We are looking forward to the new winter season full of great experiences!