After five months, the legendary dragon Demian finally decided to change his place and fly from the middle of a hill up the Mt Chopok. His new seat on the terrace of Restaurant Rotunda an altitude of 2,004 m asl has been watched by famous Czech actor Bolek Polivka and actress Zuzana Norisova.

These, however, on their way to Chopok had to defeat a real wind element and finally the dragon Demian himself, too.Last week Jasna was the place where 1.5 tons three-headed dragon Demian flew up the Mt Chopok and a pre release screening of One Hour Husband took place at Hotel Grand Jasna with participation of movie stars like Lukášo Latinák, Zuzana Norisova and Bolek Polivka. On Wednesday 10 December 2014, the dragon Demian hit an upper station of the cable car Funitel and 15-seated gondola, where landed on the terrace of Restaurant Rotunda, Mt Chopok.

Whereas three meter high Demian is still young and still learning to fly, he needed a little help – a helicopter - to reach his new nest. „The crew with the dragon flew off the ski slopes, we provided crossing route to Chopok. He was transported so that he was hang on 4 ropes with a capacity of 12 tons, i.e.10 times more than weighed the dragon“, said Michal Orolin from the Tech-mont helicopter company .From the moment of his embedding on the terrace of the Rotunda the new settler had been drawing attention of all the visitors at Chopok.

The Czech actor bolek Polivka and Zuzana Norisova became his godparents, who came to Jasna to present the new Czech comedy One Hour Husband and also caught to see the places where they shot footage from the film. The dragon was christened symbolically – by a big ribbon.