Come to the Low Tatra Mountains and enjoy and summer sunrays.  Being in fresh air you can take delight in the most beautiful spring views of Tatras and the region of Horehronie at an altitude of 2,004 m a.s.l.

Since the spring season you can take advantage of our speciality, an expedition through both sides of the Mt Chopok for the price of one ticket. And so, you can enjoy your return journey by taking one of five different cable cars and getting to know more about the nature on the opposite side of the Mt Chopok.  

From the boarding points Biela Púť (Chopok-North) or Srdiečko (Chopok-Juh) you can be carried up the most modern cable cars in Slovakia and ride down, to the opposite side of the mountain.  When getting back at the peak the same route, you can refresh yourself in a modern self-service Restaurant Rotunda. On a panoramic sightseeing terrace you can get new energy of fresh mountain air and catch first rays of sunshine. Who could resist the delicious cuisine of our chefs or a sweet cake with a cup of coffee, and a view of the awaking unspoilt countryside?   

Even less capable tourists can conquer the peak Chopok and your kids will be delighted by photography from the second highest peak of the Low Tatra MountainsDuring your journey you can take a rest at one of different bars and restaurants:  Funibar Priehyba with an opening glazed roof, Restaurant Happy End at Biela Púť with children's square window ladders and exquisite cuisine, Aprés Bar at Srdiečko with heartily atmosphere, and Restaurant Kosodrevina with the sunniest terrace over the region Horehronie.

Come and enjoy some active relaxation to boost your energy.


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