Nové moderné multifunkčné centrum Jasná je tu pre Vás od 23. 12. 2017. Pokladne, infocentrum, depot, lyžiarska škola, obchody a luxusný Crystal Bar nájdete pohodlne na jednom mieste v nových priestranných priestoroch.


Centrum Jasná is the new investment on with a new entrance gate arose to the resort of Jasná with a shopping zone, ticket offices, Infocentre, Gopass Point, dispatch centre as well as premises for instructors from MAXILAND ski school, a self-service depot, and the new luxury stylish CRYSTAL BAR. The bar will have 120 seats and a spacious outdoor terrace with the first heated "burning" table in Slovakia.

Centrum Jasná attracts visitors with its architectural design, a dominating crystal shape, and a modern multifunctional space. The next winter, a new boarding point will be established to the new 15-seater cable car with an alighting station at Priehyba. You can also find here the first escalators in the Tatras to facilitate access from car parks to the slopes. Another practical service will be a modern ski depot. After your skiing, your skis are stored in the depot and the next day you can pick them up dry and disinfected.