KRÚPOVÁ – a comfortable boarding point to the resort of Jasná

Skiing on the southern side of Mt Chopok will be a bit more comfortable in the ski season 2017/18. Last December, a new 15-seater cableway was launched in the section Krupová-Kosodrevina and thus the last missing section was completed to connect the northern and southern sides of Mt Chopok. Access from the southern side of the resort was improved mainly due to the asphalt surface of the local road, but also due to the new asphalt surface of the car park offering 520 parking spaces. It´ll be the first car park in the new ski season, with controlled access and an occupancy navigation system connected to the GOPASS loyalty programme. Visitors to the resort using the GOPASS loyalty card will have free access to the car park.


Snow at Mt Chopok is provided and guaranteed by a system of snowmaking, extended with 16 new snowmaking points in the lower part of the trail No. 35 Zadné Dereše this winter. New snow barriers with a length of 300 meters will be added onto the southern side of Mt Chopok. On the northern side of Mt Chopok, skiers will enjoy a new ski trail No. 10b – Vrbická with a length of 800 meters, as a ski in ski out route to Chalets Jasná Otupné. The trail will have 16 technical snowmaking points. 13 new snowmaking points and a substantial extension will be carried out on the trail No. 5 – Turistická (locality Lúčky). The lower section of the trail No. 12 – Jelení Grúň went through the landscaping, where 2 new snowmaking points have been added. Skiers riding down the traverse between the trails No. 10 – Vrbická and No. 13 – Biela Púť, will perceive more comfortable improvements. Thus, more than 50 km of ski trail will be available in the resort.


Our oldest DC Snowpark Jasná underwent the great transformation, because its two platforms have been extended in the lower part of the park and the third jump has been added due to landscaping. For snowboarders and freestyle enthusiasts, there will be four jibs available with a number of obstacles.

Skiers, who got to like the professional race track Skiline Arena last year, will find it on the trail No. 10 – Vrbická this year, where they can be transported conveniently by the Grand - Brhliská. Access to the Skiline Arena is free also this year.


The professional SNOWsat software will be installed in 7 grooming machines this year. The snow depth management system and its development throughout the ski resort are based on the satellite guidance of the grooming machine. In this way, SNOWsat increases the performance of groomers on the slope, cut the fuel consumption through the monitoring, and the snow is effectively delivered only to the places where needed. Thanks to the modern technology, the maintenance of slopes has been greatly improved, and ice surfaces have been reduced.

Ski bus transport, alpine touring corridors and alpine tourers’ education continue to be developed in the resort as well as the extension of security guards – ski patrols (up to 20 workers, if needed).