The resort Jasná Nízke Tatry offers fresh clean air, relax and the opportunity to get plight several ways in the summer – it is a unique place with modern sports possibilities for everyone.

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Chopok changes in summer into a green oasis. The ridge around 100 km long opens its arms and attracts interested visitors to discover the hiking trails. Demänovská dolina is part of the National Park Low Tatras where Demänovský kars is the most valuable, well-known caves – Demänovská cave of Liberty, Demänovská Ice Cave and Vrbické tarn. Demänovská cave of Liberty is open whole year round. Demänovská Ice Cave is open only during the summer season. Vrbické tarn is the largest natural lake in Low Tatras. The possibility of summer hiking, rock climbing, beautiful fauna and flora with suitable climatic conditions, all these are reasons for summer holiday in Low Tatras.

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Did you hear the story of dragons living in Demänovská Valley? The fairy-tale winter brought a lot of snow, but even an unexpected member of the dragon family - a little dragon. Take a journey along the Dragon Path up Chopok and help him find a happy ending to story of dragons. Follow the adventure diary, help the little dragon overcome at least 5 obstacles so that you solve the tasks and you’ll be rewarded. 


Jasná Package Sever & Juh

JASNÁ PACKAGE NORTH & SOUTH: cable car return journey along the route Biela Púť or Záhradky - Priehyba - Chopok – Kosodrevina- Krupová and back. The same route applies to a journey from Chopok South in the opposite direction.