9. 6. 2018, DRAKOVINY: Slávnostné otvorenie Drakoparku Chopok.

Spoločne pokrstíme brožúru Drakoparku, drak Demián bude prvýkrát v sezóne chrliť oheň, a na jednotlivých stanoviskách Drakoparku Chopok Vás budú čakať animátori so zábavnými hrami a súťažami.


Rumours have been swirling about Demänovská dolina (Demänovská valley) that a big treasure is hidden there. Nevertheless, nobody dared get it because there is a dragon guarding it. What´s the truth?

There lives a chummy DRAGON DEMIÁN in Demänovská valley, who is a guardian of the forest protecting the treasure. Get ready to follow Demian´s footsteps. Don´t be afraid of anything. On your adventurous journey, you´ll get to know the secrets of the mountains and have much fun with your new friend – a legend of Demänovská valley. 

DRAGON PARK CHOPOK Family game in the countryside

You´ll have fun while solving tasks closely related to the nature and environment which they are located in. The Dragon Park is not an enclosed park. It is a fun way of travelling by cable cars during which you can find tasks placed on unique metal sculptures of little dragons at each boarding and alighting cable car station. The little dragons were made by an artist blacksmith Vladimír Eperješi, the author of the Dragon Demián´s sculpture at Chopok. Each of them is unique. You can take a photo with them and bring home an exceptional souvenir from Jasná.

The family game Dragon Park Chopok is perfect fun in the fresh mountain air for both grownups and small ones. Just follow the map hidden in the „Dragon Park Chopok“  brochure. You can choose the difficulty at the beginning of solving the tasks. Either small or big, all friends of Dragon Demián will have big fun. And adventure can start.


Friendly Dragon Demián is looking forward to his friends who will follow him. Take a unique Dragon Park Gondola on the southern side of Mt Chopok, cableway A5 Krupová – Kosodrevina, which is ready to transport you all summer. The gondola is also available for you when travelling from the northern side of Mt Chopok. Rides by five cable cars to the opposite side of the mountain are included in the Chopok package ticket price.

To a children ticket purchased you can get the DRAGON PARK CHOPOK brochure for free at Infocentre Biela Púť or at the ticket offices of the cable cars of Biela Púť , Chopok South and Záhradky. 

If children with the help of their parents solve at least THREE MYSTERIES in the Dragon Park Chopok brochure, they´ll be rewarded!

The reward can be picked u pat Infocentre Biela Púť or at the ticket offices of the cable cars of Chopok South and Záhradky.


1. By a pond, Biela Púť (1,117 m asl.)

2. By a climbing unit, Biela Púť (1,117 m asl.)

3. At Happy End Restaurant, (1,117 m asl.)

4. By Vrbické Pleso (tarn), (1,113 m asl.)

5. At the TWINLINER cable car boarding station, (1,126 m asl.)

6. At FUNIBAR, Priehyba, (1,342 m asl.)

7. At Rotunda Restaurant, (2,004 m asl.)

8. Chopok Rotunda, (2,004 m asl.)

9. At Kosodrevina Restaurant, Chopok South, (1,488 m asl.)

10. At Krupová, Chopok South, (1,084 m asl.)




o    Wooden hurdle course DRAGON DEXTERNITY at Hotel Pošta****

o    Dragon TOWER at Priehyba

o    DRAGON CLIMB Kosodrevina at Chopok South

o    Merry letters DRAGON PARK CHOPOK at Priehyba

o    Bungee trampoline at Priehyba

o    „BIRD“ ECO-friendly climbing unit by Vrbické Pleso (tarn) 

o    Wooden engraved sculptures of animals from the Low Tatras

o    Sandpit at Priehyba

o    Dragons´ EGG at Happy End Biela Púť

o    Dragon´s EGGS at Priehyba

o    Swings at Kosodrevina

o    Trampoline at KOSODREVINA Restaurant

o    and many other attractions 


The activity is carried out with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic.