Symbolic Cemetery of Low Tatra Mountains´ Victims, Ostredok – come and take a rest in the silence of nature. 

The shortest way how to get to the Symbolic Cemetery is a hiking trail leading from Biela Púť to Ostredok. It is an easy walk suitable for everyone. With several attractive stops it´s getting remarkable for both little ones and adults.

Jasná – Symbolic Cemetery 30 min.

Starting point: Jasná Biela Púť. From the main road we turn to the cross and continue along the not so difficult yellow trail.  After 10 minutes of walking we will get to the Monument of Ján Šverma and after another 20 - 25 minutes we will reach the Symbolic Cemetery of Low Tatra Mountain´s Victims, which was reconstructed in 2008.  On our way we will enjoy the wonderful views of the Chopok Mountain from an observation tower. 

At the cemetery in Demänovská Dolina, there is a chapel situated at the place called „Na Stodôlkach“, where 146 plates with names of people who have died in the Low Tatras, are placed. A mountain´s Pieta sculpture, Mother with a Child, an author of which is an academic sculptor Alfonz Groma, is found there. 

Also a six meter high wooden cross is situated there, which was carved by a wood carver Emil Halaj from the village of Kriváň. It was transported on the roof of a mountain rescue vehicle, embedded in a concrete basement, and erected with the help of climbing ropes.