will enhance the quality of skiing!

will enhance the quality of skiing!

The last season´s poor snowfall uncovered critical places on the slopes. These have been modified and improved for skiers to enjoy even better skiing on the both sides of Mt Chopok. In the bonus part IV of our winter series we will introduce you what´s new on the slopes and cable cars in the ski season 2014/2015. It may seem to be "minor" improvements, but the opposite is true; the modification will essentially enhance the skiing quality in the resort. These are the most important improvements following million Euros of investments in previous years that will ensure a higher level of skiing quality in Jasná. 

Modification of the ski slope in the area of Kosodrevina 

Skiers will have more space and less snow will be sufficient for the initial snowmaking.

Modification of the traverse towards Zadné Dereše

By creating a new traverse and adjusting current traverses leading to Zadné Dereše on the south side of Mt Chopok, we have opened the way for snow grooming machines. Modification of the traverse will help less experienced skiers to comfortably ski down the Chopok to the southern side of the mountain. 

Modification of the cable car track in the area of Zadné Dereše

Due to insufficient snowpack, the cable car in the area of Zadné Dereše had problems in previous ski seasons. It required a huge amount of snow in order to operate fully. However, we have eliminated this problem by landscaping and the cable car track no longer needs so much snow, and can be put in operation sooner than the previous years.   

Modification of the ski slope „(1c) from Mt Chopok“   

With respect to its location, windy weather and rocky foundation, the ski slope 1c requires a huge amount of snow. We managed to turn the rocks so that they don´t stick out of the ground. A new branch of snow poles will provide sufficient snow on the ski slope. Also new snow barriers were added to protect the area against wind and snow during windy days. Snow getting caught in nets can be re-used in the adjustment of the slope. We will go on with re-cultivation of the slope = grassing.

Modification of the ski slope „ pod Lukovou (1a)“

We managed to extend the narrow places on the busy ski slope „Pod Lukovou (1a)“. 

New snow barriers were added to prevent snow sliding off the slope.

The older and less effective snow poles have been substituted for new ones to help making enough snow. Landscaping and removing rocks was also made on the slope which helps us in the beginning of the ski season, so that less snow is needed to put the ski slope in operation as well as to provide quality snow conditions throughout the season.

Modification of the boarding place „ Lúčky“

The boarding place Lúčky was established in the resort only last year, therefore it had to be finished and made nicer. We worked hard on it all summer which resulted in dewatering, reinforcement and grassing of the whole area around the cable car boarding station Lúčky – Vyhliadka. Our visitors will certainly appreciate new toilets, an extended shop, and Tatry Motion Rental Service.

Modification of the ski slope „Priehyba - Záhradky (1)“

Even the favourable ski slope „Pretekárska“ was „upgraded“ with new snow barriers and 2 snow poles.

Extension of the ski slope „Turistická 5´“

One of the longest blue ski trails, mainly popular with families having children, is widest from the beginning of the ski season and thus you can enjoy it comfortably with your children. 

Another ski slope to homologate for the FIS events

„Májová 2“ ski slope was just a small step from the homologation for world class events. We made it this summer when we embedded a little water station sticking out of the ground and so the Májová 2 will welcome the best racers during world class events... But we´re a bit ahead ... ;)

We don´t owe the cable cars ANYTHING!

The cable car Záhradky - Priehyba will be more efficient and able to carry more skiers. As it was very popular and used by skiers in the winter, 16 chairs have been added.