Ski Challenge – kilometres, points, advantages and a good feeling in the mountains

How many kilometres do you make on skis or a snowboard? How many times do you use a cable car? How many vertical meters do you take?  Have no idea? That´s why Ski Challenge is in your GOPASS profile. But there is also something more than that. If you´re not interested in statistics and rather enjoy skiing without knowing the distance or a number of cable car rides, various rewards are here for you.

Ski Challenge may also be found in the GOPASS profile which you can view through a website or an application. Each time you visit the Slovak resorts of Jasná – Nízke Tatry, Štrbské Pleso and Tatranská Lomnica, the Czech mountain resort Špindlerův Mlýn or Polish Szczyrk, kilometres on skis, vertical meters, cable car rides and points for purchase of products and services will be assigned to your account. Everything is clear and in one place. In the winter season 2016/2017, Smart Seasoners shared a total of 4.324.000 kilometres in the resorts of Jasná - Nízke Tatry, Štrbské Pleso and Tatranská Lomnica, which means that they could, for example, take a joint journey 5 times to the Moon. The most diligent 28-year-old skier from Liptovský Mikuláš skied more than 7.663 km in the season, spent 121 days on slopes, skied on average of 63 km a day and used cable cars 2.933 times.

How does the Ski Challenge actually work?

It´s simple. Whenever passing a turnstile with your GOPASS card, you are recorded in statistics by the system. For each payment for goods or services you´ll also get points. Therefore, don´t forget to keep your GOPASS card always with you. At the end of the day, statistics will appear in your profile. There you can also find the statistics from previous days, total stats from previous seasons, even the statistics of your friends. The detailed stats, which are shown in the graph, indicate the times of journeys by cable cars and cableways, as well as crossing points and an altitude of the valley and upper station. This way, you can view any day of the current season you spent riding in the resort. And how do we count kilometres? The principle is simple. Entry and exit points are known. The turnstile will record which cable car was used by you to take you to the slope and then the kilometres are counted to your account. If multiple slopes are available from the exit point, the mostly used slope is included. As every system, neither Ski Challenge may work 100% correctly. We're always working on optimization, but sometimes your transitions are not counted, so revisions and recounts are done and your kilometres skied are added automatically.

Compare your stats with your friends.

Through your profile you can connect with your family or friends and view their statistics of skiing, riding, points they gained and the level they reached. If you want to boast about your kilometres on skis and other statistics, share them on your Facebook. Interestingly, your account is connected to Instagram, where the statistics on your slope kilometres are integrated in a picture.

Choose your level, ski and win free skipasses!

And what about rewards? Yes, we also have rewards. Many rewards. Just choose a level you would like to reach during the season. Each level corresponds to specific number of kilometres and points gained from purchases. Blue Powder is intended for the youngest riders and for those not visiting the mountains so often.  Just ride over 20 km and a sticker is yours. You have a chance to win a skipass and if you own 20 points minimum, you can have the second tea for free. Do you dare to get more? You can get Red Diamond if reaching a 50 km ride.  In addition, if you have 50 points, you can get a red sticker to your helmet or skis, and a chance to win a skipass and the second cup of coffee for free.  And what if you reach 100 km? No problem? Then you deserve the Black Bomb black sticker. And if you are an owner of 100 points, you can have the second beer for free and a chance to win a skipass. Do you spend much time in the mountains? Do you ride regularly and are you getting kilometres? So you're Pro Rider with more than 200 km. You can have a sticker, a chance to win a skipass, the second Vodka / Hruškovica / Jameson 0.04l for free + great service at the price of small service if you have at least 200 points. All this just for enjoying what you love. Well, and what about those spending substantial time in the season skiing or snowboarding? A rider with more than 500 km on a slope can boast of the The King of Mountain sticker. It´s a royal sticker, a chance to win a skipass, the second entry to Aquapark Tatralandia - Tropical packet for free, or Bešeňová - Sea & Fun Packet if having 500 points on your account.  And what if you are one of those who have reached over 500 km? Just take your multiple stickers and sum up your kilometres. And what about the free skipass? If you have entered a level by selecting one of the five levels, reached a certain number of kilometres and gathered a required number of GOPASS points to complete the level, you´re automatically included in a competition for daily skipasses. Learn more about the competition rules here. You can get the stickers if visiting one of the Tatry Motion shops and submitting your GOPASS card. Our staff will check your card along with kilometres reached on slopes, and then the appropriate sticker will be handed to you.

Combine business with pleasure. Ski, collect points, compare your stats with friends and take advantages of the levels reached. You´ll be rewarded not only with discounts and benefits but also with the great feeling of being in the mountains. In your profile on the website or via an app you will be able to track the history of your kilometres on the slopes even years back. It´s always nice to see you spending more time in the snow and fresh air.