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Skipass Pricelist — Jasná

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All-season Skipass TMR, Špindl & Szczyrk

All-season skipass for resorts: TMR, Špindleruv Mlýn and Szczyrk Mountain Resort

1. 11. 2018 → 30. 11. 2018
Skipass Adult Junior2 Child
All seasonal skipass 700,- 560,- 490,-

1. 12. 2018 →
Skipass Adult Junior2 Child
All seasonal skipass 800,- 640,- 560,-

Cena lístka nezahŕňa zálohu za čipovú kartu 2€/ks. Záloha za kartu sa vracia po využití lístka.

Cenník lanoviek pre peších turistov

Prevádzková doba lanoviek v Jasnej. Pre viac informácií smelo kontaktujte niektoré z našich infocentier. 

Prevádzková doba lanoviek →

VYSVETLIVKY. Pozorne si prosím preštudujte vysvetlivky k cenníku skipass-ov počas zimnej sezóny 2018/2019 v Jasnej. Pre viac informácií a možnostiach zliav v programe GOPASS nás prosím kontaktuje telefonicky alebo osobne na niektorom z infocentier.

FREE FARE: Children under 6 years of age, i.e. until the day before the 6th birthday, accompaniedby an adult

CHILDREN 6-12 YEARS: children over 6 years of age until theday before the 12th birthday

JUNIORS 12-18 YEARS: people over 12 years of age untilthe day before the 18th birthday and ISIC, ITIC, EURO26, GO26 cards holder

SENIORSOVER 60 YEARS: people older than 60 years of age and disabled / severely disabled peopleholding special ID. To receive discounted fares, a reliable identification document with aphotograph, name and date of birth (passport, ID card, children passport / health insurancecard) is required.

* Pedestrian return ticket: Cable car return ticket in the section Biela Púť or Záhradky - Priehyba- CHOPOK – Kosodrevina – Krupová or Srdiečko and back.Refundable deposit for a key card is €2 • Prices are subject to change

• All prices are in€ including VAT

• All ticket types are personalised and non-transferable

• No refunds willbe made for unauthorised tickets

• The operator reserves the right to withdraw the ticketfor unauthorised use of the ticket without refund • Discounts cannot be combined

• Thepassenger can choose the most favourable price

• All 2 & Multi-Day Ski Passes, as well asTMR+ŠPINDL+SZCZYRK Season Ski Passes can also be used as admission to water parksAquapark Tatralandia or Bešeňová

• It is impossible to combine admissions to Aquapark Tatralandiaand Bešeňová or services of some of resorts operated by the company TMR or atŠtrbské Pleso on the same day

• The operator reserves the right to close cableways in caseof failures, excessive wind speeds, blackouts, etc. Daily information on cableways can befound on the webpage

• Abstract of General Terms and Conditions – WinterSki Season 2018/2019

• The complete wording can be found on and at ticketoffices and Information Centres in Jasná.

Vysvetlivky k cenníku

Cableways pricelist — The High Tatras

Price list of cableways in Jasna during winter season 2018/2019 and discounts offered in

Cableway pricelist 2018/19 →