The Tatry Motion Nízke Tatry ski school provides high quality ski and snowboard tuition for skiers and snowboarders from beginners to experts of all age groups – from children under three years of age up to seniors. Because age is only a relative term.

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Instructors in the Tatry Motion ski school are not only teachers for clients but also guides, navigating them through the resort and companions during their stay on the slopes of the Low Tatras. They bring them the basics of skiing and snowboarding technique, so that the client can feel safe on the slope and enjoy skiing or snowboarding. At the same time, our instructors try to acquaint each client with the principles of behaviour on the slopes.

Ski school services can be purchased at any Tatry Motion establishment in the resort of Jasná Nízke Tatry.


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Our team

There are 80 professional licensed ski and snowboard instructors at our school (50 at Biela Púť, 20 at Lúčky and 5 on the southern side of Mt Chopok, at Krupová). Our instructors can speak Slovak, Czech, Polish, Russian, English and German.


CONTACT – where to find us 


Tatry Motion Ski School Office

Biela Púť - Maxiland Shop (Centrum Jasná)+421911565842

Tatry Motion Ski School Establishments

Biela Púť - Maxiland Shop (Centrum Jasná)


Lúčky – Maxiland Shop+421911403971
Krupová (Chopok  South) – Maxiland+421911021019

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