Get fully satisfied with the unrepeatable atmosphere and pamper yourself with luxury.

Sink down into one of our chairs covered with fur and enjoy a glass of delicious sparkling wine. In the arms of the newly built gate to the resort Jasná bearing the name Jasná Centrum, you can find a new luxurious Crystal Bar. As Jasná Center, the Crystal Bar is also located on the northern side of Mt Chopok at an altitude of 1,117 in close proximity to the Biela Púť ski slope (No. 13), and is an attractive place for skiers for its atmosphere. The bar has 120 seats and a spacious outdoor terrace with the first heated "burning" table in Slovakia.

You can taste true champagne as well as a wide selection of wines and sparkling wines, and enjoy a unique atmosphere exuding from every nook of the Crystal Bar.

Bubble waffle v Crystal bare

Po celodennej turistike v Jasnej si zaslúžite sladkú odmenu! Navštívte Crystal bar na Bielej púti a vyberte si z 2 verzií bubble wafflí: 

  • čokoládové - waffle, nutela, šľahačka, banány, toping
  • ovocné - waffle, čerstvé ovocie, zmrzlina. šľahačka, toping

Cena: 6,90€

Bars and restaurants

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