Fresh Track Jasná

Enjoy the morning corduroy and a huge breakfast at Mt. Chopok.


Dňa 3.3. bude FRESH TRACK zrušený z dôvodu zlej predpovede počasia.


Fresh Track will provide you a special enjoyment of skiing on empty ski slopes. Go skiing before the official launch of cable cars. In addition to perfectly groomed ski trails and cable car transport, a huge breakfast at the panoramic Rotunda Restaurant directly on a ski slope at an altitude of 2,004 m and free Völkl ski testing are included in the price. The activity is suitable for skilled skiers, who can enjoy their carving ride in the morning „manchester“.


  • each Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday depending on snow conditions.  


  • the ski slopes are selected according to snow conditions a day in advance or on the day of the Fresh Track event, if the conditions change. Clients will be informed in advance through the website.

The Fresh Track includes

  • morning skiing on perfectly groomed ski slopes from 7:15 to 9:00
  • morning coffee (7:00 - 7:30) in front of Crystal Bar or Apreski Bar Krupová
  • rich breakfast (9:00 - 9:30) after skiing at Restaurant Rotunda 2004 m asl. (in case of inappropriate conditions breakfast will take place at Restaurant Habarka or Hotel Srdiečko) 
  • Ski Rental – it is necessary to book no later than the day before skiing until 15:00; picking up skis on the specific day in individual rentals. Limited by capacity. The equipment must be returned until 10:15, if not, a full amount for rental will be charged under the valid price list

Dates: each Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday depending on snow conditions.

Time Schedule

Boarding places:

Chopok Sever - Biela Púť
Chopok Juh - Krupová


  • 7:00 handover of test skis ordered in a rental shop at Biela Púť
  • 7:10 meeting with a ski guide at the boarding place Biela Púť – Jasná (B3), getting on the Biela Púť – Jasná (B3) cable car, changing for Jasná – Priehyba (A4), getting to a place where Fresh Track takes place
  • 9:00-9:30 huge breakfast at Rotunda Chopok 2,004 m


  • 7:00 handover of test skis ordered in a rental shop at Krupová
  • 7:10 meeting with a ski guide at ticket offices Krupová and getting on the (A5) Krupová – Kosodrevina cable car
  • 7:25 changing for the Kosodrevina – Chopok (A2) cable car, getting to the Chopok´s northern side and joining the group*
  • 9:00-9:30 huge breakfast at Rotunda Chopok 2004 m n.m.

*In case of unfavourable weather skiing will be carried out on the Chopok´s southern side and the cable car Krupová – Kosodrevina (A5) will be used.

Price List

  • from €38 / person (all age groups) at a ticket office
  • from €34

Purchase of the product

Chopok North

  • Infocentre Jasná Biela Púť - at least 1 day in advance until 15:00

Chopok South

  • Infocentre Krupová - at least 1 day in advance until 15:00

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