Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. company has prepared favourable conditions for organizing ski courses for all types of primary and secondary schools, and universities visiting the ski resort of Jasná in the winter season 2019/2020.

We offer pupils and students skiing in the best Slovak resorts, with a wide selection of ski trails suitable for both less skilled and advanced skiers, as well as a comprehensive range of additional services. The safe cable car transport and outdoor activities in the fresh air at the highest located ski resorts with the best skiing conditions in Slovakia are significant benefits of taking part in the ski tuition in these resorts.


The ski course price is valid for the 2019/2020 winter season in the Jasná ski resort, except for the period of 25.12.2019- 5.1.2020.

  • Ski Pass: The prices apply to a minimum number of 5 consecutive days of skiing and organised groups of 20 people minimum. The ski courses can be completed from Mondays to Fridays.
  • Teachers: 1 teacher per group of 10 pupils/students minimum pays the same price as the pupils/students. The prices apply to a minimum number of 5 consecutive skiing days. Other teachers beyond the offer are supposed to pay for the services based on the price list of the respective ski resort.
  • Rental service: The prices apply to the whole set of ski equipment (ski, ski boots and ski poles) and snowboard equipment (snowboard, boots). A helmet is not included in the price. It is required to book the equipment in advance and the price applies to the whole group (20 people min.). 
  • Ski depot: Ski + Ski poles and Snowboard €1 / night; Ski boots and SNB boots €1 / night.
  • Self-service SKI DEPOT at Biela Púť(Jasná Centrum): €5.60 /night/2 pairs of skis or snowboards, 2 pairs of ski boots, 2pcs helmets, 2 pairs of gloves c
  • Ski school: 2-hour group tuition with at least 12 people in a group.  It is required to book the tuition at least 3 days in advance. The price applies throughout the 2019/2020 winter season, excluded 25.12.2019 - 5.1.2020 and 10.2.2020 - 23.2.2020.

Rental, ski depot and ski school services are limited in capacity, therefore we do not guarantee the provision of the services.  


All-day entries to Tatralandia or Bešeňová at favourable prices. Fun for children in pools and water slides. A great choice in case of unfavourable weather.


The price „Ski Courses” only applies to organized groups of at least 20 pupils / students not exceeding 26 years of age, having ski passes and having reserved the course in advance for 5 consequent days. The skiing courses are organized Monday – Friday. No additional discounts apply to this offer. The skiing course shall be reserved at least 10 days in advance in writing by sending an email from an official email address of a school principal to Please, fill in and send us also a TMR form, which is an essential part of the order. This will be sent to you back as soon as the order is received via email. 

The TMR form shall contain: a list of all ski course participants executed under seal of the school, their names and surnames, and dates of birth. Participants over 18 years shall attach a copy of one of the student cards such as EURO 26, GO 26, ISIC. We guarantee the price if performing a single bulk purchase for the whole group. The price for ski courses is valid in the resort of Jasná Nízke Tatry throughout the winter season 2019/20, excluding 25.12.2019 – 5.1.2020. All the ski passes are issued on contactless chip cards. A €2 deposit is charged for a chip card. 

To apply the discounted price at Tatralandia and Bešeňová water parks, please submit the copy of the form and the receipt with the seal of the respective ski resort Infocentre at the main ticket office in Tatralandia or Bešeňová. 

The special offer „Ski Courses” doesn´t include transportation to the resorts. Subject to change.

In the event of non-compliance with the „Ski Courses“ special offer, the price of the ski pass will be increased by €2 / person / day.


A skier on a ski slope younger than 15 years old is obliged to protect his head with a properly fastened protective helmet.

A person, who organizes activities on a ski slope, must ensure that persons under 15 years of age wear reflective safety clothing or reflective security elements visibly positioned on their clothes.


Jasná – the biggest ski arena in Slovakia guarantees flawless skiing conditions. It offers the panoramic ROTUNDA restaurant with accommodation on top of Mt. Chopok, 23 top-modern cable cars, chairlifts and ski lifts, including Funitel and a 15-person cable car that operates to Mt. Chopok, 50 km of ski pistes, various events, complex services and high-quality gastronomy facilities. TMR resorts introduce a new product for ski courses - professional and licensed ski instructors at great prices who guarantee progress with proper teaching methods.


The best relaxation and regeneration after skiing can be found in water parks located in the Liptov region. At Tatralandia you can enjoy summer all year round. 6 year-round water slides and 10 pools with sea water, thermal and fresh water - all that at the tropical temperature of 30 degrees regardless of the weather outside. At Bešeňová you can relax in thermal pools, have fun in real sea waves and enjoy adrenaline on the fastest and longest water slides within Slovakia.

Tatralandia Aqua Ticket9€
person / day
person / day
Tatralandia XS Surf Ticket6€
person / 20 min.
person / 20 min.
Tatralandia stravovanie*6€
person / 1 portion
person / 1 portion
Bešeňová Aqua Ticket 9€
person / day
person / day
Bešeňová stravovanie*6€
person / 1 portion
person / 1 portion

* Water parks: Meals must be booked 1 day in advance at an Infocentre in the resort. The price applies to an all-day AQUA TICKET entry at Tatralandia or Bešeňová. The price is valid for a group of at least 10 pupils, incl. 1 teacher per 10 pupils. The offer was calculated to include all the days of the ski course.


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