There will be a new air route between Poprad and London since October. Hence, thousands of British holidaymakers will have a much easier access to winter skiing in the High and Low Tatras and won´t have to travel via Košice, Krakow or Budapest anymore. As of October, the Wizz Air low-cost airline will carry out direct flights three times a week using Airbus 320 aircrafts seating up to 180 passengers. This shall open a new prospective market for the Tatras. 

In the past, the air route Poprad-London was one of the most successful flight connections between Poprad and the rest of the world. Therefore local people from the Tatras are very excited and rather sensitive about its reopening. The operation is going to start on 28th October 2014 and the low-cost Wizz Air airline will carry out flights to the Luton airport in London every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. One-way tickets will cost from €29.99. 

The new air route will bring the Tatras into British client´s play and connect the airport in Poprad with the world again. Because it´s the transport that in many cases is a barrier and affects holidaymakers in choosing their holiday destination. 

The air route represents year round potential for Slovakia on the UK market. It was also confirmed by an analysis of the Slovak Tourist Board. In particular, the products of winter tourism, summer trips to the mountains, journeys combined with tasting of Slovak cuisine and wines as well as golf holidays. 

In the beginning, the route will be supported financially by the regions of the High Tatras and Liptov, and further business and marketing campaigns are being prepared for tourists to start flying to the Tatras.   

Effectiveness of the new route will be examined by autumn, but mainly by upcoming winter. There is a little time left and hoteliers and attraction operators in the Tatras have a lot of work ahead. They need to approach potential clients and attract holidaymakers to Slovakia where they can enjoy an active relaxation.