Fresh Track – the piste is only yours

Are you ok with getting up early in the morning? Would you like to change your warm bed for perfectly groomed corduroy on the piste, to ski on slopes which are accessible only for a few keen individuals before they are opened officially and to enjoy a rich breakfast at the altitude of 2,004 metres afterwards? Then our Fresh Track product, which is becoming more and more popular, is just perfect for you. And not to make the sentences above sound like a cliché, we have tested this morning skiing adventure personally.

We are supposed to meet in the area of Biela Púť. Those who come from the southern side of the mountain meet in Krupová. If anybody feels like testing new Völkl skis, there are many models of various lengths, stiffness levels and types at disposal at the ski rental in Biela Púť. The rental is free of charge of course. We are snowboarding so let others use the rental option. 

We are meeting in the area of Biela Púť and are welcome by our guide – ski patrol member Andrej and Veronika – the chief of the information centre. They give us basic instructions about the Fresh Track and where it is held, then we embark the B3 4-seater chairlift. It is shortly after quarter past seven and the feeling is rather strange. The resort of Jasná Nízke Tatry is beginning to wake up, there is absolute silence everywhere, groomed pistes are waiting for us to be touched for the first time. We cannot wait. We change to the A4 funicular, which transports us to the area of Priehyba. If the weather conditions are good, Mt. Chopok is not foggy and the corduroy is not covered with snow, Fresh Track is done on the pistes under the Funitel cable car. If nature is not on our side, morning skiing is organised on the indented FIS piste, which is interesting as well.

We are not limited by anybody while skiing on the fresh corduroy. Our guide – the ski patrol member, the information centre representative and a ski school instructor are there with us to guarantee our safety and to coordinate our movement between individual cableway facilities. If anybody wants to ask for advice about their skiing or snowboarding technique, the instructor is always ready to help. Fresh Track is not only meant for experienced individuals who love speed and groomed pistes. It is great also for recreational skiers and snowboarders who wish to try empty and untouched slopes. Even the 12-year old Petra did not mind getting up early and has enjoyed the morning skiing to the fullest. 

The group from the southern side of Mt. Chopok is joining the other Fresh Track members and they continue all together. The maximum number of clients is 80. It may seem to be quite a lot but it is not. 80 skiers and snowboarders can escape one´s notice on the FIS piste very easily. There are no masses, no waiting at lower cableway stations, no stress. We are just enjoying the slopes.

After about six rides, when there are still sections with untouched corduroy on the mountain, we get hungry and our stomachs are rumbling. It is almost nine o´clock and time for breakfast. But not just any breakfast. This one is served in the panoramic Rotunda restaurant right under the top of Mt. Chopok at the altitude of 2,004 metres. There are welcome drinks and various delicacies such as eggs, bacon, butter, ham, cheese, sweet and salted variations of all kinds, cold and hot drinks as well. One needs to recharge their batteries after such a performance. As the resort has already opened up officially, we are meeting people who are hurrying to enjoy their first turns. We keep eating, though, because we have already had our great adventure and do not need to get stressed. 

Once we say goodbye to other co-skiers, co-snowboarders and the guides, we can go back to the pistes, satisfied and full. The day has only begun. But we look forward to another Fresh Track again. Besides weekends, it is available also on Tuesdays. Please read more.