The most important dab hands on pistes

If you asked our colleagues what is fascinating about operating a snow tracked vehicle, so called groomer, they would reply with evident sincerity that in addition to demanding long hours of night shift, it's a profession that one has to do with passion and enthusiasm. So called „Manchester“ ski trail i.e. a freshly maintained and untouched piste (Fresh Track) has to be get ready for skiers. 13 snow grooming machines are available to our drivers that daily operate on the southern and northern slopes after opening hours of lifts.

Did you know that groomers don´t have a brake pedal like a car? Just take your foot off the accelerator and it stops.....
Every year after the season, maintenance is essential for all groomers!

Chassis of all 13 groomers are disassembled piece by piece and "lubricated the way to work properly in winter". Sometimes groomers then look like this one, which commemorates the NASA space exploration vehicle.

Engine power of our groomers is 295 kW = 400 hp with diesel consumption ranging from 18 to 26 litres per hour (based on instantaneous power). The machine rides about 1,000 hours during the winter months, which is seven hours per day on average.

Fuel of our machines


We are also thinking of ecology, and gradually recovering diesel stations for our machines. In one station we can safely store and deliver up to 21,000 litres of diesel.

Diesel, which is consumed to maintain the slopes during the winter, would be enough for a passenger car to travel 95 times around the globe along the equator.

Anchor points placed in hard-to-reach areas are a threat to irresponsible people!

During adjustment of pistes after opening hours modern groomers use anchor points which they are hooked to. They move across the pistes with the help of ropes. It enables them to adjust slopes that wouldn´t otherwise be possible to be adjusted because the groomers would burrow in one place and the adjustment would be very difficult, especially in poor snow conditions in spring.

And at the moment of adjustment of pistes by the rope very dangerous situations arise in the resort for undisciplined visitors.

Visibility on the pistes after opening hours (8:30 to 16:00 or 8:30 to 15:30) rapidly decreases and thus undisciplined visitors are not able to see the rope and can be captured by it. Another dangerous combination is the groomer´s rope hidden 0.5 metres under snow. The rope appears on the surface when the groomer starts to rotate 1 km beneath the piste. Then the rope becomes a deadly weapon! See the video on the right.

At the same time, in the interests of safety, we would like to ask you to observe the White Codex, which is the alpha and omega of every skier. Please, share this information with your friends during your next skiing. And thus when your friend tells you that he is going to step the snow on the evening, you can save his life!

Also, if a skier rides down the freshly groomed terrain after opening hours, he leaves a furrow, which solidifies at night and in the morning it can cause someone serious injury when skiing in such furrow... We ask you that you do not ruin the work of our colleagues because of your ruthless behaviour, your whim or personal pleasure.

Do you feel like riding in the groomer and enjoying a great lunch beneath Mt Chopok?

We offer you a night transport by the groomer with a 5 course menu. You can learn more about this great opportunity on our website during the winter season.

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Takto sa zjazdovka preparuje vodou pre pretekárske podujatia svetovej úrovne (Svetový pohár, Majstrovstva sveta...). Tri tyče vedľa seba napúšťajú svah vodou, pričom vydávajú zvuk, ako keby ste napúšťali fľašu vody. Keď sa zjazdovka naplní, tak sa tyče posunú o 10 cm nižšie. Takto sa postupuje celé hodiny, kým nie je celá zjazdovka vypreprarovaná.