New summer hits in Jasná

Summer is finally there! And it promises a lot of new adventures and unforgettable moments in Jasná.

Morning yoga at the Crystal bar

Join our new summer product! Begin your day with a Sun Salutation led by a yoga teacher and have a healthy breakfast afterwards. The yoga exercise takes place every Saturday. Experience a healthy morning with a view of Mt Chopok. Welcoming the first sunrays is the best way how to start the day.


Sky picnic

How about feasting your eyes on the beautiful Horehronie region from a cable car and eating delicious food at the same time?

Everything is possible in Jasná! Discover our brand new SKY PICNIC this summer! Have a toast drink in Rotunda at first and board a special luxury picnic cable car to enjoy an original picnic menu during a 40-minute-journey.



Enjoy boating on the surface of a small lake in the area of Biela Púť in Jasná and feast your eyes on Mt Chopok. There are also pedal boats at disposal. The services of the Tatry Motion rental in Biela Púť are available all summer long to guarantee unforgettable moments to everybody. Relax by being active in Jasná and add a new dimension to your trip to the mountains.


Mountain carts

Mountain carts offer great fun and are easy to operate. They are ideal for all age groups, from 12-year-old kids to pensioners. Every cart has two brakes to control the speed to turn easily and safely and to conquer potential obstacles without problems.

In Jasná, one can overcome a vertical drop of 662 metres with a mountain cart and enjoy panoramic views of the Horehronie region at the same time. Everybody will love it!


E-bike rental

Electric bikes can be rented in the area of Biela Púť also in summer 2021. Discover the beauties of the Liptov region comfortably with an electric bike. Liptov offers a lot of nice spots and locations and exploring them from a bike seat is practical and healthy. Try the hit of this summer and make an adventurous trip. The e-bike rental is located in Biela Púť near the Crystal bar.


Dragon path to Mt Chopok

Demänovská dolina (valley) has been said to hide a lot of precious treasures from of old. But nobody has ever dared to get to them because they are guarded by a dragon. What is the truth? The treasures of the whole valley are watched by the friendly and nice DEMIAN THE DRAGON. Don’t worry to follow his footsteps, discover the secrets of mountain nature and have fun with your new friend – the legend of Demänovská dolina.


Accommodation in Jasná

Stay in a pleasant mountain environment in the Low Tatras. The cable cars are included during your stay.

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