DRAGON CRAZE – active summer opening on Mt. Chopok

Date: 9.6.2018
Locality: Jasná - Priehyba
Time: all day long - during cableway opening times

The second Saturday of June in Jasná will be all about summer, children, families, nature and active relaxation!
Let´s wake up Demian the Dragon after a long winter sleep and open a summer season full of action in the mountain resort of Jasná together! 
All lovers of the mountains and summer hiking are invited to enjoy cableway trips and spend a great day with various games, sport, fresh air and great mood on Mt. Chopok!

Join us to launch a new workbook of the Dragon Park Chopok, set out for an adventurous Dragon Journey and look for hidden treasures! Have fun with various sports activities, animators and a trampoline in the area of Priehyba, learn something interesting about nature and how to protect it. Demian the Dragon will spit the first fire of this summer season on the terrace of Rotunda at noon! Feast your eyes on the most beautiful views that you won´t find anywhere else.

 Fun and active relaxation for children and all other family members as high as 2,004 m above sea level!


9:30 - 9:45 Biela Púť – meeting with guides, launching the new workbook of the Dragon Park Chopok

9:45 - 10:15 Biela Púť - Priehyba, adventurous Dragon Journey, looking for hidden treasures, collecting stamps for the workbook

10:00 - 14:00 Priehyba – sports activities for all age groups, face painting, a trampoline in Priehyba, an educational stand focused on nature discovering and protection

12:00 Mt. Chopok - Rotunda, the first fire spitting of Demian the Dragon in this summer season!

Vyhraj darček!

V čase od 10.00 do 14.00 na Priehybe, bude pre deti pripravených päť súťažno zábavných disciplín. Za každú splnenú úlohu dostanú pečiatku do Dračej karty. Po nazbieraní piatich pečiatok v Dračej karte si deti môžu vyzdvihnúť odmenu v Infocentre na Bielej Púti a Krupovej.

Various activities at individual stops of the Dragon Park all day long

LOCALITIES with animators at the Dragon Park

1. By a pond, Biela Púť (1,117 m asl.)

2. By a climbing unit, Biela Púť (1,117 m asl.)

3. At Happy End Restaurant, (1,117 m asl.)

4. By Vrbické Pleso (tarn),  looking for hidden treasures (1,113 m asl.)

5. At the TWINLINER cable car boarding station, (1,126 m asl.)

6. At FUNIBAR, Priehyba, (1,342 m asl.)

7. At Rotunda Restaurant, (2,004 m asl.)

8. Chopok Rotunda, (2,004 m asl.)

9. At Kosodrevina Restaurant, Chopok South, (1,488 m asl.)

10. At Krupová, Chopok South, (1,084 m asl.)