Are you searching for adrenaline and a buzz of competition and fun on a slope?

And what about skiing with timekeeping? In the ski resort Jasná - Nízke Tatry you can try over 50 km of ski slopes and if you want to make your day more enjoyable, take advantage of attractions on a slope.  Although preferring the snow park and fun zone at Otupné, we great had fun with the slalom. You can tell yourself: „How can the slalom be so funny?“  Just try and you´ll see how much fun and adrenaline you can have with it. Especially, when you´re a good crew and like competing against each other.

The public slalom trail can be found in the locality of Otupné, in the lower part of the ski slope Vrbická, where big jumps begin at DC Snowpark. And why is the slalom so funny? Because it works on the principle of timekeeping and times are recorded on your account on After the slalom race you can see your final time on the timekeeping instrument on the slope and compare it with your friends. It doesn’t matter, if you don´t remember the time. You can follow it through the Skiline, and even the video of your ride. Just register, write in your gopass number and find the video in the section Videos & Photos.

We´re seven friends and wanted to try it too. A round of quality rum from the rum bar at Rotunda will be paid by the fastest and the slowest. The level of adrenaline has already increased in our body before the start.  Just walk through a turnstile, which you will pass through exactly as if you passed through a cable car turnstile, and then start. The timekeeping is triggered after passing through the gateways and the trigger mechanism. Here we go. Ten gates, red and blue. Wind in the hair. We all want to show our friends that we are the fastest. It´s interesting how ten gates on a flat slope can test your fitness. Neither children nor women may be afraid. Everybody will enjoy it.



The last friend has already finished the race. Our times were not so wrong. We´ll be any professional athletes. But it doesn´t matter. Both, the winner and the defeated will pay for the promised round and the rest of us is looking for the well-deserved reward. We had a great time and fun on the slope in Jasná. We´ll definitely go back and ski down the slalom trail again.