When are your ski resorts opening?

Will skiing be safe in today´s Coronavirus situation?

What if I buy a Smart Season Pass and cannot use it due to an injury/illness to the fullest?

What if I buy a Smart Season Pass and the season does not begin?

What if the season begins later due to COVID-19 and we cannot ski all winter long?

Will there be special restrictions regarding cableway transport?

Will ski schools and après-ski bars be opened in winter?

How do you expect the 20/21 winter season to look like in the face of currently rather illogical measures?

What if a resort is closed? What happens with purchased ski passes?

If a resort stays closed due to Covid, will I get my money back? To the Gopass account or to my bank account?

What are your suggestions as for the resort operation during the COVID situation?

Will skiing be safe?

What if restaurants and après ski bars stay closed?

What if state borders are closed?

What if people get infected in the resort? Will it be closed?

Will the capacity of cableway cabins be reduced?

What are the ski pass sale terms and the guarantee of use?

Why didn´t you compensate Smart Season Pass holders for the 19/20 season?

The previous season is said to have taken 97 days but the conditions were very bad.

What´s the guarantee that there will be a ski season? Will I get my money back if I buy a pass?

Cable Car Biela púť - Koliesko is out of operation due to technical reasons. There will be a shuttle service on this route.