Zelený Chopok

Čistenie priestorov strediska a sadenie stromčekov v Jasnej


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Mountain lovers can look forward to the tenth continuation of the popular cleaning of slopes and planting trees on the slopes in Jasná, which will take place on Friday 1.10. 2021 in the resort Jasná.

Enjoy the day on the move in the fresh mountain air, meet people who love mountains and have fun in a friendly atmosphere. During the day, the slopes and the surroundings of the resort will be cleaned of rocks and garbage and the surroundings in the Zadné vody part will be revitalized. As always, volunteers from the northern and southern sides of Chopok can join Zelený Chopok.

On the north side, we will meet in the morning at check-in on the White Pilgrimage at the Happy End restaurant. Subsequently, the group leaders will divide you into smaller groups. The surroundings of Zadné vody will be cleaned and grassed. We'll all meet for lunch at Happy End.

On the south side, there will be a morning registration in Krupová. From there, the volunteers will proceed with the garbage collection towards Kosodrevina, where they will enjoy a joint lunch and wonderful views from the terrace at Kosodrevina.

For each participant FREE:

  • Lunch at Happy End / Kosodrevina restaurant
  • One-day ticket for skiing

* In case of stricter covid measures, these ski passes may be limited or moved to another date. Valid from the beginning of the season until 19.12. 2021 and for spring skiing in the period from 14.3. 2022 until the end of the season


  • 08.00 – 09.00  registrácia účastníkov pri reštaurácii Happy End (Chopok Sever) / Krupová (Chopok Juh)
  • 09.00 – 12.00  čistenie priestorov strediska, sadenie stromčekov a zatrávňovanie okolia Zadných vôd
  • 12.00 – 14.00  obed v reštaurácii Happy End/ Kosodrevina

Prosíme o dodržiavanie aktuálnych covid opatrení. 

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