The dragon Demián walked along the forest path with his head bowed down. A small creature flew past him. He began to look around. He saw a small bird on a tree, which began to make noises while flying from tree to tree. Demián followed it. As he watched it, he didn't look in front of himself and hit the coloured plastic containers. A lot of different strange and unnecessary things spilled on the ground. The little dragon looked at them and confirmed that it was all waste.


Did you hear the story of dragons living in Demänovská Valley? The fairy-tale winter brought a lot of snow, but even an unexpected member of the dragon family - a little dragon. Take a journey along the Dragon Path up Chopok and help him find a happy ending to story of dragons. Follow the adventure diary, help the little dragon overcome at least 5 obstacles so that you solve the tasks and you’ll be rewarded. 

Jasná LIVE

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