Activate of GOPASS tickets

Activate entries purchased via After just 7 simple steps you can enjoy your time at Jasná.


Visit the website. If you want to activate more tickets, you need to have subordinate members in your account that the tickets can be activated for. The members can be added also while shopping. If you don´t have a GOPASS card, get yourself one and some for your friends too in the Information centre.


Click on your name in the top right corner to view the offer. Select the first line: GOPASS vouchers.


Enter your discount vouchers section. Choose a voucher and add it to a subordinate GOPASS member in your account. If you don´t have any subordinate members, add some. Then choose one and click on: Add to the basket.



If you are adding a new member, enter their name, surname and date of birth. You can add more members if you need. 


View your shopping basket with all tickets for all your friends. Click on Continue and then confirm that you Agree to the data processing. 

Activate now

Gopass infoline

Gopass infoline: 0850 122 155 
International helpline: +421 220 510 448

Gopass complaints: 
reklamacia@gopass.sk8:00am - 04:30pm 
at working days

  • Infoline is available from all over the Slovak Republic at a reduced tariff
  • infoline is available every day (during holidays too)  08:00a - 06:00pm.
  • We will assist you in signing up for Gopass and purchasing services
  • we'll answer all your Gopass questions

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