Okruh Jasná

Easy hike for families with children and various destinations.

Starting point and finish: Crystal bar at Biela púť - Priehyba

Trail description: from the Crystal bar you can go to Vrbické pleso or Zadné vody, from where you can cross Challets Jasná to the Luton Nature Trail, you can continue to Priehyba or take the route to Biela púť back to the Crystal bar, from where the path to the Lookout Tower leads.

Discover the most beautiful locations in Jasná on the yellow walking trail. Have a cup of delicious coffee on the terrace of the Crystal bar and set out for interesting places around the resort. Have a look at Vrbické pleso (tarn), snowmaking reservoirs that offer stunning views of Mt Chopok from the area of Zadná voda, Lutonský’s trail and an outlook tower at a symbolic cemetery.

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