Visit Mt Chopok from the northern side of the Liptov region. From the valley station Biela Púť you will be carried up Mt Chopok by three cable cars, one by one, while enjoying the stunning views of Liptov and the High Tatra Mountains stretching on the opposite side. From the top of Chopok (2024 m.a.s.l.) you can take pleasant ridge hikes or summer walks and enjoy the great hiking conditions in the Low Tatra Mountains. If you are not attracted to tourism and just want to enjoy the magic of nature, visit a panoramic restaurant Rotunda which, in addition to a gastronomic experience, offers great views from its interior and terrace where the must-see statue of Dragon Damian is placed. It is magical! There is a copper bell hidden in a throat of one of the dragon's heads, and when you ring it, you will summon happiness!

In high summer season July and August, you can also use the boarding point Záhradky to get up Mt Chopok. From Záhradky you will be transported by a chairlift to Priehyba and from there by Funitel lift straight up Chopok.