Fairytale forest

An adventurous journey through a forest and a lot of attractions for children in the beautiful embrace of the Horehronie region.

Date: 20.8.2023
Time: 09.30 - 13.00
Locality: Krupová/Summer bar Krupová, Srdiečko / Chopok South
Free entry plus a free present for every child

On Sunday 20th August, the southern side of Mt Chopok changes to a big magical fairytale. Make a fairytale journey through a forest * along a beautiful mountain trail from Krupová to Srdiečko. It won’t be just an ordinary walk, though, but a fairytale one! Nine interesting stops and tasks promise great fun for kids and testing of their fairytale knowledge. Each completed task is going to be rewarded with a stamp. Every child who collects stamps of all fairytale stops in their workbook is going to be rewarded with a nice present. 

* The fairytale journey through a forest from Krupová to Srdiečko can be reached only on foot and is not suitable for prams.

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Počas dňa sa môžete tešiť na:

  • rozprávkovú cestu lesom
  • laserovú strelnicu
  • maskota Chase z tlapkovej patroly
  • skákací hrad
  • maľovanie na tvár
  • detské hity s DJ Kero
  • gastronomické pochúťky na terase hotela Srdiečko

See you there!

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