From the northern side of Mt Chopok by car in the direction: 


Parking places Chopok north
P1Jasná180 cars
P2****Biela Púť80 cars
P3*Záhradky80 cars
P3*Záhradky50 cars
P4Lúčky350 cars
P5Pavčina Lehota650 cars
VIP***Lanovka Grand Jet60 cars


From the southern side of Mt Chopok by car in the direction: 


Parking places Chopok south
P1Krupová520 cars
P2Trangoška340 cars
P3Srdiečko90 cars


*P3 car park Záhradky is paid, it is not administrated by TMR a.s.

*** VIP Car Park close to the bottom station of the Grand Jet cabin chair lift is dedicated to the club of TMR shareholders

**** P2 Car Park will be closed in summer 2017 due to construction of a multifunctional service centre „Východ“ (East) close to the Happy End. 

Entering and leaving the car park is regulated by an automatic system with a barrier gate. If the car park is full the barrier will automatically. When leaving the car park the barrier opens automatically. Parking availability is regularly updated and displayed on three information boards next to the arrival road.When the parking capacity of the car parks P1, P2; and P3 cannot accommodate all drivers car park attendants  divert the cars to the car park P4 Lúčky and if there are too many visitors also to the car park P5 Pavčina Lehota. 

We kindly ask all drivers  to respect the instructions of car park attendants.

In car parks P3 Záhradky, P2 Biela Púť and P1 Central IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to park and turn BUSES! We kindly ask bus drivers to drop / pick up their passengers at marked SAD bus stops in Záhradky or at the bus turning point in front of the hotel Grand. Maximum time of parking is 15 minutes. Buses can park in the car park P4 LÚČKY, or according to the instructions given by our car park attendants. If there are too many visitors it is NECESSARY to park the buses after dropping the passengers in car park P5 in Pavčina Lehota at the beginning of the valley. Parking in car parks P1; P2; VIP; P3; P4; and P5 administrated by the company Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. is free of charge. For parking in other car parks and lay-bys the company Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. does not assume any responsibility.

  • we ask you kindly to observe the transportation and navigation marks
  • we ask you to use snow chains during severe snow and  icy road conditions
  • we also ask you kindly to leave the car parks for maintenance reasons by 9.00 p.m. at the latest


BUSES, CARAVANS and TRUCKS are not allowed to park in car parks in the resort (excluding the P5 car park). The restriction is also valid outside the resort´s opening times.