Village Demänovská Dolina came into existence on 1 August 1964. Several tourist facilities were joined in one whole and so a village was created with its local parts Tri studničky, Jaskyne, Repiská, Lúčky and Jasná.

Demänovská dolina (mainly its caves) were inhabited already in prehistoric times (several pieces of evidence can prove it, such as evidence in the cave Okno). In some places iron ore was mined, in other places there were sheepfolds, shepherd cabins and woodcutter houses. After the World War I the first weekend cabins were built.

Firts  the caves in the region were discovered and opened to public, then the asphalt roads were built and the tourist industry started to flourish /skiing mainly/ the place Demänovská dolina became one of the most famous Slovak sports and recreational resorts. Possibilities for tourists are countless. There are plenty of marked trails crossing the valley and leading to the top of the surrounding peaks. You will also find a network of easy walking trails.

In Liptov region people have been skiiing for more than 100 years. The first skis were brought here by a leather worker from Liptovský Mikuláš Kornel Stodola at the end of 19th century. They were used mainly by foresters and postmen in mountainous regions.

Gradually people came to like skiing, mainly from Chopok mountain. Four years after the World War II the first part of the cable car was built up the north face of Chopok mountain. The turning point came at the end of 1950s of the past century when the both north and south face of Chopok mountain were connected by a cable car. Passengers were seated  in open chair lifts side facing not ride facing. The cable ways connected Chopok from both sides until the end of 1990s. Then they were closed due to insufficient technical conditions.

It was a sad period for skiers, but it was not possible to  put skier´s lives at risk. People had to yield to natural elements, in this case to the wind that made safe a comfortable transport impossible. 

For many years the cable cars and everything connected with them were not used and  it got damaged. Then someone had a good idea and  the north boarding station was turned into a restaurant, exactly two restaurants. One for those who do not want to waste their time waiting – a self-service restaurant with a pleasant interior and the other one with splendid atmosphere and a bit of history. The other one is the already mentioned VON ROLL restaurant. Beside its fabulous cuisine it offers a kind of mountain museum. On the walls of the restaurant you will find photographs from the skiing past and the original cable car system was used as the main architectonic element of the interior. The space gives an impression of luxury and originality and the waiters waiting on you are wearing ties. Marvellous combination of meals of the menu made to order  is sure to please the most difficult of taste buds.

In front of the building the last tower of the original cable car remained with one chair. It is occupied by a  character from the project Carcoolca /Red Riding Hood/ that attracts families with children to take a trip in Jasná even in winter.


Only some people know what the beginnings of the sport were like. A 50 minute documentary offers the oldest film record overview from 1908 to present days. The first skis were brought to Slovakia in 1865. The first skiers were filmed in 1908. Riding on two boards got more and more popular and at present skiing is one of the most popular winter sports.

DVD “Skis and mountains” can be bought at our Information centre High Tatras – Tatranská Lomnica /in the building of the cable car/, or at the Information centre Jasná in Biela Púť.

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Stay in a pleasant mountain environment in the Low Tatras. The cable cars are included during your stay.

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