Daylong life, relaxed atmosphere and exquisite meal on a slope beneath Mt Chopok.

During the day HAPPY END lives as a great SKI IN – SKI OUT restaurant with a terrace directly located on a slope beneath Mt Chopok and Biela Púť ski slope, offering views of the children´s area MaxiLand Metlife.

It´s located between the boarding stations /A6/ Biela púť - Priehyba, /B3/ Biela Púť - Jasná and /A3/ Grand – Brhliská. Established in stylish premises upstairs. The nice big interior is dedicated to relaxation. At the restaurant you can taste traditional food, ice coffee, fresh vegetable salads, and pizza served hot directly from an oven. You can follow the preparation of meal in an open kitchen. You will have fun watching 2 large screens at the restaurant or funny motifs on the walls on your way to toilets.

Opening times: 08:00 - 16:00 Kitchen: 10:00 - 14:30

After the sunset HAPPY END turns into a night arena HAPPY END MUSIC CLUB full of unconventional entertainment, top quality music, unforgettable „events“ and an unrepeatable atmosphere. Not only skiers, snowboarders and visitors to Jasná take advantage of the programme provided by Music Club Happy End in the centre of the resort Jasná Nízke Tatry, but also the whole Liptov region and north Slovakia.


HAPPY END offers music programme that focuses on electronic music and live bands. It is  marvellous place for visitors  of the valley Demänovská dolina in winter season  that offers fabulous and unique night life with a capacity of more than 1000 guests. In Happy End you will find maximum entertainment. During weekend nights and events we present showbiz stars from our country as well as from abroad.

The real heart and spirit of HAPPY END MUSIC CLUB consists in brilliant music, service as well as  relaxed and open atmosphere which makes each night magic.

During the day HAPPY END is a wonderful restaurant directly on the foothills of Chopok mountain and   after  lift-closing time it is an ApresSki DRINK BAR.

See you on the dance floor...



Located directly in the centre of the holiday resort Jasná Nízke Tatry, Happy End Music Club offers cutting-edge entertainment not only to skiers, snowboarders and visitors but also to the whole Liptov region and northern Slovakia.

It took only 120 days to develop the Happy End Music Club in 2011. It was projected by the architect Ján Kromka!  That year, the winter season was launched in new premises and people could hear excellent music presented by DJs and live bands around the whole resort. Various dance groups, singers and celebrities complemented our offer with their performances during the whole season. 

The complete interior of the two-floor building had been designed and worked out in details before the start of construction! The music club is entered through a gate with original design. There are oversized wooden statues by the dance floor, representing the letters H and E, which had been prepared by the freelance artist Matúš Kručay.

A gallery on the second floor and stairs hold metal railings with an original cable car rope and hand-forged parts showing temptation with symbols of apple and snake. Captivating glass bridges for dancers run through the gallery. There is also a separate VIP lounge with a fireplace, hand-forged chandeliers and armchairs made of red leather and fur. The exclusivity of the two-floor space is underlined with 3 bars and large-scale canvases.

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