Vzhľadom na nepriaznivú predpoveď počasia sa SUMMER JASNÁ OPENING tréning ruší. O novom termíne podujatia Vás budeme včas informovať. Ďakujeme za pochopenie!

Summer Jasná Opening: Urban Training Mountain edition in Jasná

Dear ladies! Enjoy quality urban training in an amusing way that each of you can manage!

Dátum: 2. 7. 2022
Miesto: teresa reštaurácia Rotunda 2004 m n. m.
Čas registrácie: 10.00 - 10:30

Our Urban Training Mountain edition in Jasná is meant exclusively for ladies. Get fit with your friends in the mountains, spend a nice day in fresh air, train properly and do as much as you can for your health. 
Date: 2nd July 2022
(in bad weather, the event will be postponed)
Locality: Mt Chopok (warm-up on the Rotunda terrace), running along the mountain ridge in the direction of Dereše
Meeting time: 10:00am- 10.30am Rotunda Restaurant  Mt Chopok


  • Intense workout with experienced teachers on the Rotunda terrace at the altitude of 2,004 metres, training designed for every participant to manage
  • A beautiful KARI TRAA T-shirt (33 EUR ticket) or a KARI TRAA T-shirt plus KARI TRAA leggings (89 EUR ticket)
  • URBAN training means that only “instruments” of the environment are used to work out, e.g. hills, trees, benches, other women joining the training. Ladies are divided in several groups that cycle through various exercise stations. 
  • Drinking regime and healthy refreshment on the Rotunda restaurant terrace 2,004 m a.s.l. 

Mountain Training Jasná PRICES

SUMMER JASNÁ OPENING Mountain Training The package includes Price


Version 1 TICKET cable car trip to Mt Chopok and back +  KARI TRAA T-shirt*  33 € buy
Version 2 TICKET cable car trip to Mt Chopok and back + KARI TRAA T-shirt* + KARI TRAA leggings 89 € buy

* The T-shirt/leggings sizes vary from XS to XL. Once you buy your ticket, please send us an email to: to specify your size. Your T-shirt (and leggings) will be waiting for you in the morning on 2.7.2022.

Foto & video Summer Jasná Opening mountain training 2019

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