Family game in the countryside

Rumours have been swirling about Demänovská dolina (Demänovská valley) that a big treasure is hidden there. Nevertheless, nobody dared get it because there is a dragon guarding it. What´s the truth?

There lives a chummy DRAGON DEMIÁN in Demänovská valley, who is a guardian of the forest protecting the treasure. Get ready to follow Demian´s footsteps. Don´t be afraid of anything. On your adventurous journey, you´ll get to know the secrets of the mountains and have much fun with your new friend – a legend of Demänovská valley. 


Did you hear the story of dragons living in Demänovská Valley? The fairy-tale winter brought a lot of snow, but even an unexpected member of the dragon family - a little dragon. Take a journey along the Dragon Pat up Chopok  and help him find a happy ending to story of dragons. Follow the adventure diary, help the little dragon overcome at least 5 obstacles so that you solve the tasks and you´ll be rewarded. 

Help Demián overcome his fear and all the obstacles along the Dragon Pat up Chopok!


1. Záhradky, pri Fun zone Záhradky (1028 m asl.). - Birth of Dragon
2. Záhradky, B2 Záhradky chairlift boarding point- Warm-up
3. At hotel Pošta, (1,117 m asl.) - Dragon energy
4. By Vrbické Pleso (tarn), (1,113 m asl.) - Bird perspective
5. At the TWINLINER cable car boarding station, (1,126 m asl.) - Eternal thirst
6. At FUNIBAR, Priehyba, (1,342 m asl.) - Climbing frame
7. Chopok Rotunda - photopoint, (2,004 m asl.) - Return of the dragon
8. A dragon bride on Mt. Chopok, (2,004 m asl.) - Alice the dragon
9. At Kosodrevina Restaurant, Chopok South, (1,488 m asl.) - Weather in the mountains
10. At Krupová, Chopok South, (1,084 m asl.) - First Aid - Alpine hiking

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Podujatie Dračia cesta na Chopok je realizované s finančnou podporou Ministerstva dopravy a výstavby Slovenskej republiky.

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