Lutonský’s promenade

Educational trail of the history of tourism and the ski resort.

Locality: Biela púť (upper station of the B3 Biela Púť – Jasná chairlift) – Bjorson chalet
Trail length: 0.7 km
Level of difficulty: easy
Duration: 30 min.

Lutonský’s promenade links the localities of the Bjorson chalet and the upper chairlift station of Biela Púť safely and serves as an education trail that introduces the history of tourism and the ski resort. The promenade was inspired by the historic chairlift pillar and Lutonský’s memorial, which were built in previous years. The promenade is 692 m long and has an area of 1,563.77 m2. Along the trails, there are several stops dedicated to the history of sheep farming, discovering caves, skiing etc., which the development of tourism was based on, to Alojz Lutonský, a significant visionary (who was instrumental in building the first chairlift and linking Chopok north and south), and also to the new era of Mt Chopok and the present. It’s a nice walk with an educational value, fulfils the mission mainly in summer and offers a lot of interesting information to tourists from other regions. The information boards are interactive, which is a bonus and a great way to discover new things especially for children.

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