Four men and Adela

An entertaining evening full of laughter, original questions and open discussions on any topic

When: 10.12.2022 from 7:00pm
Where: Grand Jasná Hotel

“Four men and Adela” is a meeting of four actors known from the “Daddies” TV series and one curious woman – presenter Adela Vinczeová. At first sight, you might think that you know these personalities. But at second sight, you will find out that you haven’t known much about them. And at third sight, even they will start learning new things about each other. Relaxed talking not only about their common work but also about how it feels to be a dad and about other “nice nonsense”. Anything that Adela doesn’t ask can be asked by the audience at the end as the audience is the key member of the whole group.


Talk-show participants:

o Adela Vinczeová

o Filip Tůma

o Vladimír Kobielsky

o Branislav Deák

o Marek Fašiang

· a welcome drink at the entrance

Only for guests older than 12 years.


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Guests older than 12 years22 Eur25 Eur

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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