Mt Chopok tastes good

Mt Chopok tastes good

Jasná - winter season 2023/24

3. 2. 2024
17. 2. 2024
2. 3. 2024
30. 3. 2024 

Place: panoramatic restaurant Rotunda 2004 m n. m.
Time: from 18.00
6 - course experiential dinner

Mt Chopok tastes good - an unforgettable experience of a lifetime!

Unconventional evening full of surprises that will captivate all your senses.

A fairy tale evening that you will experience only once in a lifetime. In a winter fairyland on Mt Chopok at an altitude of 2024 m.
Get carried away beyond reality or rather carry away those you care about. Above the clouds, above the mountain tops. To the place where there is nothing real. Transfer yourself into a fairy tale and experience the unexpected. The most modern lift in Slovakia will take you into the world of fantasy to bring you into a completely different picture of a winter land on Mt Chopok. A magical night at an altitude above 2000 m can begin! Let yourself be allured by the unusual flavours, smells and beauty of paradise surrounded by the mountains. But we won´t tell you more. Perhaps, only that you will remember the evening for a long time
The magical experiential eventing will take approximately 4 hours. You can enjoy it in good company or give it to those who like unrepeatable experiences. A Christmas present, anniversary or birthday present, or a reward for work achievements. 

Mt Chopok tastes good

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Mt Chopok tastes good price list

DATE  Online pre sale Online sale
03. 02. 2024 SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
17. 02. 2024 SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
02. 03. 2024 SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
30. 03. 2024 - 95  €

The cable car transport is offered only from the northern side of Jasná (Biela Púť) at 6:00pm. All registered customers meet at the Crystal bar 15 minutes before the chairlift departure.

Garantujeme 100% vrátenie peňazí v prípade, že služba nebude môcť byť prevádzkovateľom poskytnutá z dôvodu aktuálne platných epidemiologických opatrení UVZ SR. Platí počas priaznivých poveternostných podmienok, právo na zmeny vyhradené. Pri požiadaní vopred je možné menu prispôsobiť dietnym špecifikám (vegetariánske, bezlepkové, bezlaktózové a pod.)

Event conditions

  • The event depends on the number of registered customers (the minimum number is 40, the maximum number is 80).
  • The price includes: a welcome drink at the Crystal bar, chairlift and cable car transport from Biela Púť, a 6-course menu, a welcome drink.
  • The event takes about 4 hours including transport and the gastronomy experience.
  • The cable car transport is offered only from the northern side at 6:00pm. All registered customers meet at the Pošta bar 15 minutes before the chairlift departure. 
  • The operator reserves the right to change the dates and/or times of the Mt Chopok tastes good event or to cancel it on selected dates or for the whole season anytime during the 2023/24 winter season including the day when the Mt Chopok tastes good event takes place until 12:00 noon if the required minimum number of customers is not registered an/or due to any other operational reasons. 
  • The service cannot be cancelled by the ordering party once it is paid. The operator is not liable for any costs related to service cancellation. 

Cancellation terms: 

  • Event cancellation by the operator:
  • If the Mt Chopok tastes good event is cancelled by the TMR, a.s. company, every registered customer is entitled to be offered another event date or to be returned the full paid price. 
  • Event cancellation by the customer:
  • The contract cannot be withdrawn from by customers due to any reason or without specifying the reason. 

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