Bandits at a sheep farm in Priehyba

A great programme for the whole family in the nature of the Low Tatras.

When: 13.7.2024
Where: Jasná Nízke Tatry
Locality: Priehyba
Admission: free

Bandits are coming back to the Priehyba sheep farm on Saturday 13th July! And the Hrdza band will be the main star of the day! Enjoy a great family programme full of fun, folk traditions with Liptov bandits, the Hopi music-educational project and plenty of folk artists and children's activities. The programme will be presented by Liptov bandit Miroslav Kasprzyk.

The Liptov bandits will offer a whip-cracking lesson, demonstrate bandit wrestling, a triple bandit fight, hanging on a hook and promise a special bandit photo point too. 
What’s more, you can learn everything you're interested in about sheep farming and mainly about the traditional Slovak breed of Wallachian sheep at the highest-located sheep farm in Slovakia – Priehyba

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Bandits at the Priehyba sheep farm

Every child who brings a plush sheep will get a gift.

Visit the Wallachian sheep at the highest-located sheep farm in Slovakia – Priehyba where this rare breed can be watched all day long. This original sheep species that used to graze pastureland at high altitudes of over 1,400 metres is easy to breed and is typical for spiral-shaped horns. Moreover, on Saturday 13th July, a celebration of a shepherd's association is planned at the farm. The friendly meeting of members of the original Wallachian Sheep Breeders Club will include activities such as sheep shearing and discussions about the future of the original Wallachian sheep.


Implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Slovak Republic

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