Restaurant Hotel Pošta

Fine taste buds will find pleasure in the focal spot of Jasná.

Inspired by international gastronomy, new gastronomic experiences are brought to the centre of Jasná.

Angus on the plate

Tender meat with a typical taste – this is meat of the Angus beef. Angus steaks are juicy, delicious and they literally melt in the mouth. And now you can taste them as well! Our a la carte menu includes not only steaks but also other meat as well as non-meat specialities with atypical side dishes.

International cuisine, local products

We were inspired by the American culture but most of our ingredients come from local suppliers. This makes our specialities fresh and tasty. And this is why you can also enjoy traditional tastes of the Liptov region in our restaurant. 

Great food and a great atmosphere

An interesting and quite atypical interior offers an ideal background. The whole space is dominated by a fireplace, and fresh flowers on tables along with the surrounding Tatra nature guarantee positive feelings.



Menu reštaurácia Pošta

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